Tarot Card of the Week – Three of Cups

Three of Cups

Three of Cups, June 10 – June 16

In this week’s Tarot card, the lovely Three of Cups appears, depicting three enchanting maidens/Goddesses created by the famous Spanish Artist, Salvador Dali, creator of The Dali Universal Tarot Deck.

The maidens or the three Goddesses, Athena, Aphrodite and Artemis hold hands or drink their goblets together as a way of bonding together and finding some spiritual connection with each other.

Their postures seem to be  lit with a sense of fulfillment and extreme satisfaction.  The three maidens rightly represent Celebration, Accomplishments and Happiness.

We can look forward to a good week when this card appears. It gives us the opportunity to help others, thus fulfilling a mission within us to be of service. It’s also about spending some quality time with family and friends.

The Three of Cups represents a great time to network, call old friends or just hang out in a group with your favorite people. Business networking is lucky for you when you see this card. You are destined to be at your best, smartest and funniest, so if you are in business for yourself, take advantage of this sign from the Tarot. It’s a card of making “arrangements” for a wedding, reunion, birthdate or some other familial event.

This card can also be a sign that you need to spend a little time off the work wheel and more time indulging in fun and romance. It’s showing that it’s time to splurge a little on yourself by purchasing that new outfit, or changing your hair for the summer. You are special and everyone around you is feeling it too.

With this card we can say “good bye” to an old conflict. You may find yourself getting along better with others or seeing the past, as “past”, forgiving and forgetting. A compromise to an old feud will come about, and with it you’ll create a whole new set of memories with co-workers or friends. If a compromise isn’t struck up, then no worries, be tolerant and compassionate, and you’ll have fun anyway.

If you are thinking of going to a retreat or seminar, now is the perfect time to do it. Reaching out to others of like minds will benefit you in terms of generating positive energy for positive results in your goals. It’s also a great time to celebrate the success that is YOU. What have you done lately that is fabulous? Take note of your positive traits and hold a celebration for yourself!

In numerology the number 3 is: imaginative, expressive communicators and artists. They are tolerant, joyful, optimistic, inspiring, talented, jovial, youthful, and dynamic.  The Three of Cups is a creative card, when you reflect a little on it, it gives you the go ahead to think about  creating  something new in a group, perhaps assisting in organizing a community event, or taking an art class.




Tarot Universal Dali by Salvador Dalidali-deck assembled and painted 78 collages in his unique surrealist vision.

An exquisite deck for historians, art lovers, and collectors, the oversized cards are each individually signed and edged in gold.

For the Major Arcana, titles are given in English and Spanish, with the corresponding Hebrew letter and astrological symbol also shown.

The instruction booklet comes in four languages; English, Spanish, German, and French, and includes 3 card spreads.





Born at the border of Spain and France in 1904, Dali was a master surrealist, sculptor, writer with a Midas touch.

He turned just about anything he touched into gold. He has been sited as the major inspiration for other modern surrealists like: Damien Hirst, Noel Fielding, and Jeff Koons.




The painting he is most remembered for was Persistence of Memory, inspired by Einsteins theory of relativity. and a piece of cheese melting on his kitchen table in the hot Spanish sun.





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