Tarot Card of the Week – The Moon

MoonThe  Moon — June 17 – 23

This week we offer a look and interpretation of the Moon as depicted in the Beautiful Creatures Tarot created by,  J.R. Rivera  (Author), Jasmine Becket-Griffith  (Illustrator).

In this illustration the little nymph sits cold and alone. She feels a little fearful as the dark energies or forces “outside” herself bring her to a low vibration.

This week, you may want to reflect on the energies that could be influencing you, particularly the dark thoughts or feelings you may be having regarding a certain circumstance or situation.

The Moon in the Tarot often represents your “shadow self” your darker side, or your tendency to have a few negative thoughts. You may be fearful of your surrounding or not feeling like you are in control of a situation.

Others around you, like the card shows—outside forces—could be putting you in a position of fear or negative thoughts and feelings. This could be a good time to shake that off and get back on track with positive and assertive affirmations.

Things aren’t always what they appear to be. When you see the Moon card it suggest a time of illusion and deception. What others are thinking or what you think of others at this time may not be true. You may have to step away for a bit and put yourself in someone else’s shoes to get a better perspective.

You may also want to be extra careful when it comes to relationships, as some could be using you or not presenting their true nature too you. Just be on guard against accepting illusions, accepting what is not true can cause mistakes in judgement.

The good thing about the Moon card is that represents the psychic energies and intuition you natural have when you see this card. You could find you’ve lost your way when it comes to a goal or relationship, but listening to your “moon” your inner light can bring you out of the dark part of your journey and into a more joyful path.

This card is a reminder that you must let go of your conscious blocks or negative self-talk and allow your intuition to guide you. No matter how dark the path you still move forward, you can listen to that inner voice inside that is guiding you. When you listen to what is the best option for YOU, then you will learn lessons about yourself and come to see the value of this challenge.





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