Tarot Card of the Week: The Hermit

Hero-HermitTarot Card of the Week: Aug 8-Aug 14, 2016
The Hermit

The Journey of Solitude:

This week, you might decide to become the Hermit and take the journey of solitude to figure something out, or maybe you need time away from your daily routines, or it’s possible you need time away from other people.

The Hermit (the hero) wants to be alone and does not want his peace disrupted. His mind is restless and he needs quiet time, or needs to find what he has overlooked.

He is gathering information, analyzing and searching for answers.

The Hermit will hide for days, weeks or months, returning when he is ready to solve his crisis!

The Hero’s Journey: The Hermit suggests that you need to withdraw from a situation to figure something out. You probably need to meditate and connect with your inner-light.

Through your meditative journey, you will connect to the light of wisdom or resolve an existing problem.

You need to take this meditative journey by yourself to see things clearly. This is not a time for socializing, or taking action, or making any decisions, rather, it’s the right time to find peace and solitude in order to think and find clarity.

The Hermit is always on the move, but on the move in his protected space so he can think. His restless mind propels him to constantly work and search for answers, but his desire to “be alone” makes him impatient with the people who disrupt his peace.

The Hermit hides for days, weeks and then emerges when he is ready to solve his problems. His time of solitude allows all of the pieces of his problem to fall into place.

The Hermit is enumerated nine, the end of a cycle and the time of transition. You might need to clear the deck though solitude and prepare for a new cycle.

Upright: You need to depart from others to complete something important to you, or you might need to be alone to figure something out.

Reversed: You are completely in the dark. You are in a crisis, alone and lost, excessively isolated and unwilling to communicate with others.

You cannot concentrate and have lost your lantern (your inner light) the ability to make correct decisions.

Timing: The Hermit predicts an important event may occur within the next 30 days.

The Hero Tarot

Once upon a time, the sperm met the egg (conception) and nine months later you were born. If you look at the number zero closely, you will see the number 0 looks like the egg. The egg is the Hero and represents you.

You are associated with a continuous cycle of change and growth and the seventy-eight passage ways that will open and lead you into new opportunities that are ready to explore.

Did you know the number 0 is related to the beginning of a cycle, but also the time when you start listening to a higher power? You will start listening to that little voice inside of you and connect to your higher-self, intuition, hunches, visions, dreams, prayers and start meditating.

The higher-self (the whisperer) will keep you safe on your journey. When you feel thwarted, incapable of penetrating a mystery because you’re overwhelmed with impatience and walled in by seeming nonsense, those are the times when you will commit the fatal error of ignoring your intuition.

Your first feeling about something usually contains the truth. Once you understand this, the confusion caused by warring senses becomes resolved. Your higher-self will keep you safe on your journey, but your intuitive guide absolutely requires your unfailing trust to keep you safe!

The Hero, you has a longing in your soul that calls for a change that cannot be ignored. This longing for change leads you into new opportunities related to personal and professional development.





The Hero Tarot is currently in development and is expected to be completed later this year.








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