Tarot Card of the Week: The Hermit


Tarot Card of the Week: Oct 26 – Nov 1

The Hermit

This week’s card is The Hermit from the Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle, by Cheryl Yambrach Rose. This is a stunning deck containing the artists empowered oil paintings based on sacred sites and their mythology.

Key statements for this card are: Develop the gifts you have been given. Speak Your truth. Share your wisdom with others. Shine your light.

Depicted on this card is Mount Shasta, the sacred mountain in North Carolina. This dormant volcano is a vortex — a portal to higher dimensions of consciousness.

It is said that this area of mountain range was once part of Atlantis and Lemuria where a highly advanced society lived. Mount Shasta holds the position as the root or base chakra of the world.

Poet Godfre Ray King wrote of Shasta as this: Shasta! O Mount Shasta! What Secrets do you hide, What dwells within that Heart of Yours, What Light does There abide?

The Hermit stands on her narrow path of initiation. She holds up the Lamp of truth to guide those below in the darkness.

We see a sunrise view of Mount Shasta taken on the morning of the Harmonic Convergence. The leaves represent new growth and wisdom emerging to be shared and taught to others.

Her cloak represents the hidden realms of the unconscious and a period of withdrawal (cloak’s are typically about withdrawal from the everyday to seek or gain wisdom, knowledge or healing).

The staff is a symbol of pilgrimage. The Lamp of introspection shines out into the world. It is the Lamp of consciousness lighting the way forward.

How does the Hermit Archetype speak to you? Where in my life am I feeling this way? Perhaps your spirit guide is calling you! Or are you are being called to service to light the way for others?

The Hermit can also suggest a time of solitude or retreat or simply ‘getting away from it all’. This may also be a time of meditation or solitude to help us gain insight into a certain situation that we are seeking insight or knowledge into.

These times often present when we are at a turning point or we are stepping into our own power. Something deep inside may be calling us. Is your soul calling you? – You know – that deep inner voice that is felt on a deep intuitive level.

Something can no longer be ignored – open your inner awareness and let your light shine!


This week’s card — the Hermit — comes from the Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle by Cheryl Yambrach Rose.

This deck is a vehicle to provide personal intuitive guidance from the mythic beings and Divine entities that inhabit sacred sites and spaces.

Cheryl Yambrach Rose is a portrait painter, visionary artist and researcher. Her artwork has been published and shown world-wide including Gary Zukav and Neal Donald Walsh, the Nelson Rockefeller Collection and the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum.

It has been featured on the Wisdom and travel channels, Doreen Virtues decks and in IPhone apps.





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