Tarot Card of the Week: Six of Coins

Joie de Vivre Tarot

Six of Coins

Tarot Card of the Week: Dec 7, 2015 – Dec 13, 2015

Six of Coins

This week’s card — the Six of Coins from the charming and whimsical Joie de Vivre Tarot — speaks of aligning yourself with the Universal laws of abundance and prosperity.

It refers to the act of giving and receiving, sharing the wealth and attracting more and more of it into your life through your willingness to trust that it is meant to flow.

It’s a card of supporting one another and reaching out to help those who are less fortunate, while at the same time being gracious about receiving and about counting our blessings rather than focusing on what we lack.

It’s the energetic exchange in action: sending out to Universe all that we’re able to give — whether it’s time, money, assistance or just a few kind words — and seeing it all come back to us, even when we ask for nothing in return.

This week’s New Moon is in warm, dynamic, expansive Sagittarius — the sign known for its generosity and goodwill.  As we move into the holiday season, it’s a good omen for the spirit of kindness and benevolence that each of us aspire to embrace. 

The Six of Coins is about giving and receiving. It’s about sharing. It’s about random acts of kindness. And it’s about the exchange of energy — which often takes the form of money or financial assistance.

When you look at the figures in this card you can see how there’s just as much joy in giving as there is in receiving, which is of course exactly as it should be.

Can you even tell who is who in this picture anyway? Who is the benefactor and who is the recipient? Both are giving the other one something. For one it’s the tangible gift of money and for the other it’s the joyful gift of gratitude. Is one more valuable to you than the other?

This is something to think about this week. Kindness and consideration, compassion, generosity. But most of all gratitude. These are all Six of Coins attributes.

This isn’t about giving what you can’t afford to give. That can create hardship and ultimately resentment. But notice how the giver in this card has five shiny coins left after he’s given one away. He’s either created enough abundance in his life to feel comfortable passing some of it along, or he’s learned to place more value on the act of giving than the act of hoarding or spending frivolously.

Whether you’re the benefactor this week or the recipient, know that this is a never ending cycle and you’ll find yourself in both roles. Be prepared to jump in and participate fully — either through offering help to another or expressing gratitude for the help you receive.

joie de vivre tarot set

This week’s card — Six of Coins — comes from the Joie de Vivre Tarot series by phenomenal artist Paulina Cassidy.

Paulina is also author of the equally impressive Paulina Tarot.

You can view and purchase the entire deck on her website or through her Etsy storefront.

This deck is also available for Iphone, IPad and Android Devices through the Fools Dog website.

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