Tarot Card of the Week — Page of Swords

Page of SwordsTarot Card of the Week: Aug 31-Sept 6
The Pony Express

This week you might deliver or receive an unexpected message. You or another person might expel the gusty west winds and create a storm to bring something out into the open, or put an end to something, or deliver unexpected news or gossip!

The Page of Swords is called “The Pony Express Card” in my deck, the messenger who delivers important messages. The message represents the unexpected box of chocolates that Forest Gump talked about, and Forest said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!”

The Page of Swords brings you into a new fragile beginning or ending, and the arrival of the unexpected west winds… We have a saying here in California, “When the Santa Ana Winds are blowing, anything can happen!” 

You arrive at the path of the unexpected west winds… The Page of Swords is the “Pony Express” who delivers important messages (good or bad). You’ll deliver or receive an important letter, email, text, phone message, or you may hear or spread gossip. You may lose something or lose someone dear to you. You could also experience unexpected weather or transportation problems!

The Court Cards represent you or significant people who will enter your life. The Court card personalities are more complex because they’re two-sided (positive or negative).

The Minor Arcana represents your choices and actions throughout the realization of your destiny. The Swords represent your personal outlook and your tendency to think with your head rather than with your heart.


In Greek Mythology, you meet the Gods of the Winds, children of Astraeus (the god of night sky) and Eos (goddess of the morning sky). King Aeolus ruled the Wind Gods and let them out of confinement at the command of Zeus or the request from other gods.

The Wind Gods: Boreas (bringer of the powerful north winds and the winter season), Notus (bringer of the dynamic south or southwest winds and the autumn season), Eurus (bringer of the unlucky east winds and bad storms), and Zephyrus (bringer of the west winds and the spring and summer season).

Zephyrus, a mischievous and malicious wind god is depicted riding a cloud and expelling a fierce West Wind Storm from his mouth!

When Zephyrus was young he was a curious rascal, blowing unexpected gusty winds and making storms to see what would happen. He also liked to watch the sea waves when he created turbulent storms. Zephyrus is the bringer of gossip and the unexpected west winds, a time when anything could happen!

However, Zephyrus’s rascal days changed when he married the beautiful messenger goddess, Iris (goddess of the rainbow). The west wind became gentle and sweet-smelling.

My Interpretation of the Page of Swords

The Page of Swords is enumerated eleven (11), a number representing completion and a new beginning. The Page brings you into a fragile new beginning or an ending related to something unexpected.

He is young and restless, still growing into his role as the speedy messenger. He can go from being positive to negative in a flash. Highly intellectual, he feels that he is always right.

The Page of Swords may be flirty or sarcastic, impatient or flighty, secretively spiteful or debating, romantically attached or shockingly independent. This Page is also a person who might bring trouble when crossed by a negative card since he is also related to situations with unexpected snafus.

The Page of Swords represents a timing of an event that will happen in your life, which may be good or bad, depending on the surrounding cards. We know the Page is swift because he is dressed in indigo, a color that can represent, among other things, a turbulent sky before a storm. In other words, the Page of Swords moves as fast as a storm rolling in!

The Page is hovering over the mountains in this card. Mountains are symbolic of a timing and since these mountains are very close to the Page. The closeness of the mountains represent an unexpected timing that is about to happen!

The nearby mountains represent near-achievement of a goal. Rough, churning, turbulent blue clouds behind the Page represent his thoughts. The challenging and intelligent Page of Swords is also known as the spy who holds secrets and has ulterior motives. He is a restless, independent young man waiting to reveal a message to someone, and he will be frank when he does so.

cell-phone-girlPositive Position: You may deliver or receive a message related to the arrival of an important letter, email, text, phone message, gossip, unexpected weather, or  transportation snafus.

You could be reaching out for help, or ready to initiate an important dream because the Page of Swords brings you into a new beginning.

People delivering or receiving this message could be a close friend, romantic interest, client, tutor, mentor, or boss.

If you’re dealing with emotional issues or a heartbreak, your emotional state may improve because the Page of Swords brings you into a new beginning.



psychic scoop, box of chocolates 2Negative Position: The unexpected box of chocolates of life arrives… Something unexpected may disrupt your life.

You may receive an unwelcome important letter, email, text, gossip, or phone message. You may experience weather problems, or transportation snafus that bring unexpected surprises or unanticipated cancellations.

Someone or something may fall away from you because you or someone close to you is not willing to exert the effort needed to make the relationship or situation work.

People delivering or receiving disruptive news could be a close friend, romantic interest, date, client, tutor, mentor, or boss. If you’re dealing with emotional issues or a heartbreak, your emotional state may take a turn for the worse. You may receive gossip that was created by an open enemy to destroy your reputation.

Timing is usually immediate, 1 – 11 days, or related to the winter season.




This week’s card — the Page of Swords — comes from the original Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene.

This version, illustrated by Tricia Newell and distributed by U.S. Games is no longer available. 

A newer version — the New Mythic Tarot — is still in print.

 This deck can also be downloaded as an app for IPhone, IPad and Android devices through the Fool’s Dog website. 






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