Have an Amazing Romance Instead of a Whirlwind Disaster

Are whirlwind relationships delightful breezes that propel emotional and physical attraction; that time when we can’t get enough of the other person’s presence?

Or, are whirlwind romances a hurricane gale force wind that will inevitably send us crashing into the rocks of relationship disaster?

It depends on how successfully we meld the zing of attraction with the discernment of our strength and authentic selves.

When we meet a new person, the temptation to throw ourselves head over heels into a whirlwind romance is heady. After all, we’re trained that whirlwind romances are desirable.

Romantic fiction, movies and media all tell us that real love is intense, destined, and can progress at the speed of light. “He swept me off of my feet,” they say, “I knew right away that this was perfect.”

We’ve all heard stories of the person who meets a guy on Monday and by Wednesday they’ve declared a new relationship status on Facebook.

Six Question Relationship Check Up


It’s the beginning of another year and a time when many people are taking stock of their fitness, the health of their bodies, and pocketbook.

While it might seem more confusing or daunting to give our relationship a check-up than it is to get a check-up at the doctor’s office, checking in and assessing the health of a bond is just as important and it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Here are a few questions to help determine if your relationship needs some extra TLC or if emergency care is needed.

Is give and take in balance in my relationship? 

An imbalance of give and take in a relationship means that one partner often takes on the role of the giver who doesn’t get anything in return and the other person takes on the role of the taker who doesn’t give back.

Seeing Winter Anew; Embracing Stillness

Out of the bosom of the Air
Out of the cloud-folds of her garments shaken,
Over the woodlands brown and bare,
Over the harvest-fields forsaken,
Silent, and soft, and slow
Descends the snow.


– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


To those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we move towards December’s coming of winter.  We equate winter with harshness, cold and stillness. Indeed, it’s the time when the blossoms, trees and world have gone into hibernation, rest and retreat.   But to many cultures, winter represents potentials building within a cyclical womb.

In the last ever panel of one of my favourite cartoons (Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson), the two main characters embark across a snowy scene with their sled, marveling about the gleaming snow.  “It’s like having a big sheet of paper to draw on,” muses Hobbes, to which Calvin replies, as they head off into the sea of white, “A day full of possibilities, it’s a magical world, Hobbes ol’ buddy…. let’s go exploring!”

Life is full of beginnings and endings, and though we fear endings, an end represents a beginning.  When I painted this scene of a tree standing in a winter landscape, I had the idea to leave half of the image blank and white, “it’s like having a big sheet of paper to draw on,” an untapped potential… something ripe and ready for creation in the right time.



Hello!  I’m Willow  and I give unique, ethical, intuitive insight to help you focus on your own abilities to change and shape the present and future. After all, isn’t it better to CREATE instead of wait?

I’ve given readings since 1987 alongside my work as a professional, published author and artist and I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with people all over the world; artists, musicians, psychics, healers, celebs, moms, politicians – we’re all intuitive!

I love to work with relationship issues  because it’s through our personal and family relationships that we find our best opportunity to open up to new levels of intimacy, love and inspiration in every issue we want to succeed in.

Dealing with Discomfort and Disappointment

For most of us, when we are asked what we want in life we have some general answers that reflect our desire for happiness, “I want a good relationship” or “I want a fabulous job” and yet when it comes down to it, we are often unwilling to suffer the pain that comes from uncertainty, from risking our vulnerability with a partner or a new job, from the hard work required to create the realities that we claim to want.

Our modern culture is immersed in INSTANT gratification and touts our happiness as a spiritual goal. As a consequence we have zillions of products, self help books and activities designed to alleviate suffering, get exactly what we want and fix discomfort.

It only makes sense; we’re hard-wired to avoid pain. An important question arises: are we ready to embrace discomfort or hard knocks, or are we so inclined to have things our way that when the inevitable let-down happens, we’re clueless?

How to Get the Most out of a Reading

Before you get a reading from someone, do a reading for yourself, or tune into your own intuitive wisdom, it’s important to prepare yourself so the experience can give you helpful information. It’s equally important to be able to absorb the information in a usable and healthy way that ultimately benefits you. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your intuitive experience: 
*Come with a clear head
Approach your reading when you’re calm because heightened emotions of any kind make it hard to connect intuitively or focus on the information you get. 
*Be open minded 
Ask yourself if you’re scared to take an honest look at your situation and just want reassurance instead of the truth.   If you’re afraid you can’t deal with certain answers, ask intuitive guidance to show you how to open up.  Remember, seeing things clearly will help you make positive changes in your life!  You’ll get more out of your reading if you’re receptive to information that might be different than your present “story” or expectations.

Relationship Building

Building a relationship during times of stress (or the hubbub of the holiday season) sometimes seems like the last thing we want to do.

With everything else seeming more important, it’s easy to fall into familiar traps where we see the other person as our aggravating, progress-blocking, obstacle who is doing whatever they’re doing to hurt us… on purpose.

Often this is not true at all, in reality it’s just a distraction from intimacy manufactured from conclusions we’re jumping to, or the desire to protect ourselves without really knowing the full story.

However, there are times when the other person really is trying to get under our skin or deliver a few well placed emotional punches.

No matter how innocently it begins, without thoughtfulness it always escalates.

A poorly chosen word, a reaction, spines going up, assumptions made, angry energy brewing, pretty soon everyone is pointing the finger at someone else and relationship building is the furthest thing from anyone’s mind. But when faced with this contentious energy, we actually have an amazing opportunity to join and to build the relationship to an even higher level of connection.