Internet, Social Media: a Curse or a Blessing?

social media

Many are the well-known advantages to modern technology in the online, digital world in our modern daily life with its busy schedules and high demands in the workplace.

However, many are the issues and even serious problems that the misuse of this media can bring us, both immediate and long-term family and relationship problems.

Such problems can arise through misunderstandings and the untimely use and abuse of social media apps, such as whatsapp, facebook and so on. Not to mention the risk and all too real problem of internet addiction to digital social media.

Social Media, Helping or Hurting Your Relationship

Every day I log onto a social media site, someone is spreading their intimate life secrets across the globe. Not just their thoughts, anger, disappointments, but some even add complete details. Funny how someone else mentions some things are too personal and they get a nasty reply that it’s none of their business. If you post it for all your friend’s list, not to mention the public, you just made it everyone’s business.

Silly me, I use social media to promote my business, keep in touch with family and friends, find recipes or interesting ideas and get to share pictures or memories with loved ones that live far away. I have a smart phone and tablet, but most times don’t even know where they are because they are not tethered to my hand.

This brings up a bone of contention with me, people who are so busy posting and texting, their phone never leaves their hand. Sitting down to dinner should be family time where you talk to each other, nothing important is happening you can’t wait until dinner is over that you need to constantly check your social media pages. It should be more important to stay connected to your partner and children than people you don’t even really know except on social media.