Relax, People Tell You All The Time, But How Do You Do It?


Relax is easy to say, but often very hard to do.

I hear it all the time, you just need to relax. What they don’t tell me is how to go about it. Oh sure, they say just breathe, do yoga or meditate, but how do I shut off my mind so I can actually do any of these things.

While I just usually say thanks for the advice and then go off and figure out my own way to relax, I didn’t take into account how many other people are just like me. This was actually brought to my attention recently by one of my favorite personal clients.

She is the type of client that realizes a reading can’t fix things for her, but instead guide her through the process. She has graciously allowed me to share her story with you, but for confidentiality, I will be calling her Miss M.