Tarot Card of the Week: Release

releaseCard of the Week: Sept 18 – 24, 2017


This week we honor the first day of Fall (for those in the Northern Hemisphere). This is known as the Autumnal Equinox (or Vernal Equinox for those in the Southern Hemisphere), referring ro the days and nights being relatively equal.

The Autumnal Equinox coincides with the Sun moving into Libra (which occurs on Friday, September 22, at 8:01 pm UT) and the beginning of Fall. The Sun in Libra is all about striving for balance and equilibrium. It shifts our collective consciousness toward thoughts of fairness and impartiality. It’s objective and open-minded, willing to weigh all sides of an argument and listen to all points of view.

From a symbolic standpoint, it is associated with reaping what we have sewn and harvesting what we have grown. It speaks of conserving our energy and making preparations for the longer colder nights.

As the seasons change so must we change. We must release whatever may be holding us back in our lives, whether that means material possessions, certain people in our lives, or outdated beliefs.

Tarot Card of the Week: Rebirth

rebirthCard of the Week: March 19 – 26, 2017


This week we honor the first day of Spring (for those in the Northern Hemisphere). This is known as the Vernal Equinox — representing a time when day and night are relatively equal in length. It marks the onset of a time for new beginnings and fresh starts.

The Vernal Equinox coincides with the Sun moving into Aries (which occurs on Monday, March 20, at 10:28 UT) and the beginning of Spring. The Sun in Aries signals a time to come alive and see the world through brand new eyes. It’s a time for embracing life fully.

The Rebirth card — from Steven D. Farmer’s gorgeous Earth Magic Oracle deck — depicts this energy beautifully, with the Goddess Ostara surrounded by lush emblems of virility and sacred symbols of Spring.

The rabbit and bird’s nest represent fertility and birth. For Ostara (whose rescuing a baby bird and turning it into a magnificent hare is said to have led to modern day Easter Bunny rituals), these symbols have special significance.

Numerology Card of the Week — Intuition

IntuitionThe Numerology Card of the Week

for March 4th to Mar 10, 2017

Number 22 ~ Intuition

This card encourages you to trust your inner guidance and to embrace the intuitive wisdom that resides within your soul.

By drawing this card, you are being urged to honor your sensitivity at all times and to prioritize your premonitions and hunches above practicality and logic.

This isn’t a time to be influenced by others’ opinions or to betray your inner guidance in order to fit in.  Instead, you must trust your intuition, for it will never let you down.

You are now being encouraged to spend quiet time alone.  Nature and the outdoors will enhance your connection to Source and align your soul with Mother Earth.

Likewise regular prayer, meditation, listening to music, mindful breathing and exercise such as yoga or Qigong will enhance your intuition and help develop clairvoyant, clairaudient, claresentient, and claircognizant abilities.

Numerology Card of the Week — Spiritual Career

The Numerology Card of the Week

for Feb 25th to Mar 3, 2017

Number 78 ~ Spiritual Career

This card indicates an opportunity to embark upon a career in mind, body, and spirit arena.  This could be a full or part time venture, it’s entirely up to you.

You may already have the credentials to begin this work now, or you may require further study before you’re ready to start.

Whatever your situation, this card is confirmation that you have genuine talents and abilities that need to be put to good use.

You may decide to work as a clairvoyant, life coach, homeopath, or healer and see clients from your home; or try your hand at being a card reader, numerologist, or astrologer at your local mind, body, spirit fair.

Numerology Card of the Week — Healing

The Numerology Card of the Week

for Feb 18 to Feb 24, 2017

Number 66 ~ Healing  

This card is practically screaming at you and I would take this as a tap on the shoulder from your own Spiritual Guides that it’s time for healing, whether it is healing your body, healing your heart, or healing your mind.  It’s time!

This is the time to focus on your healing abilities and being of service to others.  You are being encouraged to expand your understanding of the healing arts and the many different ways to heal.

Perhaps you feel drawn to Reiki, kinesiology, physical therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, nursing, counseling, or life coaching.

Whichever path you choose, it’s time to set the wheels in motion.  You may need to receive bodywork or healing such as Reiki, kinesiology, acupuncture, cognitive behavior therapy, or herbal medicine to help shift any stagnant or toxic energy.

Numerology Card of the Week — Parenting

parentingThe Numerology Card of the Week

for Feb 11th  to Feb 17, 2017

Number 63 ~ Parenting  

This card indicates that you have a natural gift for parenting and working with children.

Perhaps you have a child or children of your own, or maybe there are children within your extended family or circle of friends.

Maybe you play the parental role within your relationships with others who tend to behave like children .

Whatever the case may be, your ability to teach, nurture, and guide the next generation raises the vibration of the world.  Every ounce of time, attention, love, and support you invest in a child pays dividends down the road.

This is a time to honor and embrace the significant role you play in the life of a child whether it is your own or that of a partner, neighbor, relative, client, or friend. 

Don’t underestimate the importance of your unconditional love and guidance, because even a small gesture can have a massive impact on a child’s life.

Numerology Card of the Week — Relationship Change

Relationship ChangeThe Numerology Card of the Week

for Feb 4th  to Feb 10, 2017

Number 56 ~ Relationship Change 

This card indicates a time when a relationship in your life is going through a period of change.

This adjustment is inevitable and necessary for the natural progression of the relationship, and the wisdom and experience gained will be of great benefit to all involved.

Whether a child is leaving home; a partnership/friendship has ended; or a loved one, friend, co-worker, neighbor is going through a change, know that you and and the other person is being divinely guided and protected.

This card can also indicate a positive relationship change, such as a declaration of commitment for example, a wedding or engagement.

It can also indicate the resolution of an ongoing problem or dispute.