Tarot Card of the Week: Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups

Card of the Week: Jul 17 – Jul 23, 2017

Queen of Cups

This week is going to be about taking care of yourself as well as others and if there has been any unbalance between the two lately then it’s time to take a look at that.

There is a touch of the fairy about this image — the Queen of Cups from Nathalie Hertz’s fantastic Faerie Tarot — and predominance of the colour green shows that there is healing around for you.

You may wish to choose where and whom you deliver this healing to as if you need more energy for yourself there is no use giving it out to others when you could be replenishing your own reserves.

Any pet project you have going on or in the pipeline will need careful surveying today and the finishing touches may need to be put in place.

There is help at hand for this as the white petals float down from the tree in the background giving new thoughts that come from nowhere to help you.

Tarot Card of the Week: Queen of Water

Queen of Water

Tarot Card of the Week: Mar 14 – Mar 20

Queen of Water

This week’s card is the Queen of Water from Doreen Virtue’s beautiful Angel Tarot Cards.

This card is also known as the Queen of Cups, and is associated with the Queen of Hearts in traditional playing cards.

According to this card, the Queen of Water is Tenderhearted, Empathic, Patient and Loving.

In this version, she’s represented by a glowing angelic figure that emerges from the depths of the ocean and watches over the sea creatures that surround her.

The colors in this card correlate to the heart, throat and third eye chakras and to the emotional and spiritual realms.

The text at the bottom of the card says: “Relationships develop to a new level. Trust your intuition. Care for yourself and others.

This week our very own Psychic Jen offers a video interpretation of this card, along with insights into its meaning as well as what it can mean for you personally in the week ahead: