Angel Reading: Sandalphon


Hello! dear client and friend,

I was compelled to start a monthly meditation to connect with the angels and guides, and what better time than the beginning of each month?

We can all benefit from learning to access their loving guidance and assistance, especially in challenging times. Their presence in our lives can help us to better navigate the path ahead.

Each angel or archangel that comes forth symbolizes a group of messages, attitudes and lessons in their own. Leaving a brief explanation of those meanings and the different tasks that they are assigned to give us both a general broad, and personal reference that each of us can interpret and incorporate into our own different lives and present circumstances.

Therefore, I have decided to allow the name of the angel or archangel in question to come forth psychically. I will then follow some information about the angel selected.

Choosing Between a Psychic and a Medium

psychic vs. medium

What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium? A Psychic reader and a Tarot reader? A Psychic adviser and a Psychic reader? You probably heard the saying, a Psychic is not always a Medium but a Medium is always Psychic.

This is generally true, but it needs to be clarified so that it can be better understood. A Psychic Medium is a channel that is able to connect two worlds — the world of the living and the world of the departed — having the faculty or gift of canalizing the spirits of the departed and capturing their messages or communicating directly with them.

This usually implies that a Psychic Medium can also get information for the living using such channels or via their guides, angels or higher consciousness directly.

However not all the Psychics have been born or are able to develop such faculties. This is like saying, all bakers are cooks but not all cooks are bakers. So, yes this is true and we understand this distinction, however — even within this basic partition — there is an area where waters get murky.