Spotlight Reader of the Week – Psychic Aura

This Week’s Featured Reader is Psychic Aura, a trained psychologist, relationship coach and Past Lives Therapist with certifications in Hypnotherapy, Psychology, Theta Healing and Law of Attraction Counselling. She is also a certified Yoga Teacher.

She has been reading in person and online for over 25 years. Her psychic abilities and psychological background have given her immense insight into the human condition. She loves doing Consultations for those who are looking to Grow, Renew, Reinvent and Re-energize in difficult and uncertain times. Her firm belief is that NOW is a time of opportunity!

Her style is a mix of Clairvoyance, Coaching, Counselling, Inspiring and ALWAYS empowering. She is clairvoyant, empathic, third generation psychic who has trained as a Certified Angel Intuitive TM and Medium with Doreen Virtue, the author of the Angel and Fairy Cards.

Tarot Card of the Week: Two of Cups


Two of Cups

Tarot Card of the Week: Aug 1, 2016-August 7, 2016

Two of Cups

One of the most common things I hear from people is about the future of a new relationship.

If you are looking for love or have recently met someone then this is the card you want to draw as a present or future card in a reading. This week’s tarot card is the Two of Cups from the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot.

On this card two lovers are facing each other, offering their cups and sharing their feelings. The beginning of a new relationship can be an exciting time! We are, of course eager to know how this relationship will unfold!

There is alchemical energy in this card – It depicts the beginning of the bonding process. The future energy of this relationship is determined by how things are in the present and the other cards surrounding it.

This card can also indicate reconciliation, partnership and harmony and cooperation. Or a situation where there is a meeting of minds, heart and souls. The Two of Cups is about the power of love in all its forms and its uniting force.

Tarot Card of the Week: Perception



Perception – Emerald Stone:
“The heart knows what the eyes cannot see.”

Tarot Card of the Week: Feb 22 – Feb 28, 2016


This week’s card is “Perception,” from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle deck by world renowned psychic, Tori Hartman.

A princess wanders into her untended garden and finds a beautiful and brilliant emerald stone. The stone speaks and tells the princess to open an old wooden door. She enters a dark corridor and the door slams shut.

Afraid, she moves forward until her hand falls upon another door. It opens to reveal the same garden she left behind; only now it is beautiful, filled with flowers, butterflies, and birds. It is magnificent and familiar.

This card is about transformation in the heart, a shift in perception, the unknown and a promise of a richer experience in life.

We can ask ourselves: What in my life needs tending?

The Emerald Stone represents our heart chakra, which resonates with the colour green and radiating bright green healing light. The butterflies speak of transformation, rebirth and possibility. The little birds represent viewing things from a higher perspective.

The princess is turning away from the darkness of the door and towards the light beautiful and abundant garden.

Tarot Card of the Week: The Hermit


Tarot Card of the Week: Oct 26 – Nov 1

The Hermit

This week’s card is The Hermit from the Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle, by Cheryl Yambrach Rose. This is a stunning deck containing the artists empowered oil paintings based on sacred sites and their mythology.

Key statements for this card are: Develop the gifts you have been given. Speak Your truth. Share your wisdom with others. Shine your light.

Depicted on this card is Mount Shasta, the sacred mountain in North Carolina. This dormant volcano is a vortex — a portal to higher dimensions of consciousness.

It is said that this area of mountain range was once part of Atlantis and Lemuria where a highly advanced society lived. Mount Shasta holds the position as the root or base chakra of the world.

Poet Godfre Ray King wrote of Shasta as this: Shasta! O Mount Shasta! What Secrets do you hide, What dwells within that Heart of Yours, What Light does There abide?

The Hermit stands on her narrow path of initiation. She holds up the Lamp of truth to guide those below in the darkness.

Be Engaged in the Now

wayne dyer

This week one of the greatest motivational speakers and self help authors of all time, Dr. Wayne Dyer departed the earthly plane. As a tribute to our beloved Dr. Dyer I am choosing a card from his Inspiration Cards Deck. Written on the card are these words:

“Thinking about where you’ve been or what you did wrong in the past are impediments to an inspired life. When you’re inspired you’re actually engaged in the now. In an infinite and never ending Universe there is no past.”

Does this Relationship Have a Future?

One of the most common questions I get from clients is about the future of a new relationship.

The beginning of a new relationship can be an exciting time!  We are, of course eager to know how this new relationship will unfold.

Numerous studies show that the success of a relationship depends on certain commonalities we share and our willingness to stay present with the other person.

When we are focused on the future it can steer us away from enjoying the moment. It can often consume us – creating lots of negative thought patterns and worry thoughts.

These thoughts can impact on the present dynamics of a relationship in its formative stages – taking us from really being in the now. New connections can stir up old feelings from our past and relationships can test us in many ways. This is a time for exploring the building stages of a new relationship and really tuning into that person.

Tarot Card of the Week: Eight of Cups


Tarot Card of the Week: August 3 – August 9

Eight of Cups

This week’s card is the Eight of Cups from the Druid Craft Tarot created by Stephanie Carr-Gomm, Philip Carr-Gomm and Will Worthington.

Are you on the right path in regard to relationships, career or a yearning for something more meaningful in an area of your life? Do you have a deep desire to take some sort of action, or even relocate to a new area? Perhaps you are needing a retreat to recharge?

The Eight of Cups indicates it may be time to ask yourself what you can do to bring a deeper satisfaction and meaning to your life.

You may be seeking a deeper meaning to an area of your life or need to focus on your personal truth or pursue deeper, more spiritual goals at this time.

Thus, the Eight of Cups is often reflective of the start of a journey of discovery, particularly on an emotional and spiritual level.

Is something calling you that you are prepared to walk away from? Or are you holding on to something that needs to be let go?