Crystal Therapy: Top 5 Crystals for Prosperity

In this crystal therapy session I will be discussing five stones that have energetic properties to bring about prosperity. To understand how crystals work, I first want to discuss resonate energy.  Resonate energy is the vibrational quality of the things around us.  Everything carries an energy signature, and the reason why crystals are quite popular in metaphysical practices is because the resonate energy of crystals is often a higher frequency than other tools and objects.  This is due to their unique matrices and minerals within each crystal.

Visualization For Prosperity

Visualization for prosperity can be a wonderful tool for increasing the effectiveness we have in our daily lives. It allows us to align our intentions and emotions with what we desire, and keeps us focused on our goals.

However, there are definitely some pitfalls to this particular practice. Working in the metaphysical traditions I have noticed that sometimes individuals mistake visualization for prosperity for living in fantasy.

Fantasy is not innately bad, for instance fantasy in the context of fiction allows healthy down time from our everyday lives.  However, when we live in fantasy, and do not choose to align ourselves with reality, this fantasy life can often have unwanted consequences.