Hauntings of the Ouija: It’s Not a Game! Part II

ouija board

In Part I, I discussed how dangerous it can be to fool around with a Ouija Board if you do not know what you’re doing and how my sister in law disturbed a monster of evil into the house.  Please read Part I if you have not already. As stated in the first article my husband’s family never did get rid of this evil energy and went into this dormant state.

I came on the scene in 1987 when I married my husband but mid 1988 my mother in law had passed and my father in law was lost and wanted us to move into the house since at the time we were living in an apartment.

Hauntings of the Ouija: It’s Not a Game! Part I

ouija board

This is a true story! I can remember in the 1970’s when this was very popular amongst us teens as we would run up and down the game store aisle looking for the Ouija Board sold as a game to use during pajama parties and night time gatherings.

We would joke and laugh and try to contact the spirit world. We all thought it would be a hoot to talk to someone’s dead grandfather, but I can assure you this is a very serious tool that needs to be used by someone who knows what they’re doing or it could unleash a very dangerous entity that can take years to be rid of.