Tarot Card of the Week: King of Pentacles

King of PentaclesTarot Card of the Week: Apr 17 – Apr 23, 2017

King of Pentacles

This week I present you with one of my favorites cards in the Mythic Tarot Deck, the King of Pentacles. The card tells the story of King Midas, who could turn everything he touched into pure gold.

He’d done a favor for the Goddess Dionysus, and she granted him any wish he wanted. Without thinking, he asked that everything he touches turn to gold. Unfortunately, the dream came true.

His food, his servants, his dogs, everything turned into gold. Including his own beloved daughter. He begged the Goddess to take the gift back. She did by having him wash is hands in a magical river and everything went back to how it was.

The moral of the story? He was already a wealthy man, no golden touch was needed for true happiness. The King of Pentacles holds a coin representing money. He sits on his throne, decorated with the heads of golden goats, behind the throne we see his servants and a pile of money at his feet.

The goat which represents Capricorn in the background tells us the King is a planner and brilliant strategist.

Tarot of the Week: Two of Swords

two of swordsTarot Card of the Week: Aug 29 – Sept 4, 2016
Two of Swords

This week’s card is the Two of Swords from the Mythic Tarot.  It’s a card about difficult choices.

In this card the man and the woman represent choices you may need to make this week. You could find yourself in the middle trying to make a decision that will avoid conflict in your life.

The suit of Swords in the Tarot is associated with action, change, force, power, oppression, ambition, courage and conflict.  An action you take could be constructive or destructive.

Swords are tricky as they can also mean hatred, enemies, battles at work or at home.

The Two of Swords therefore serves as a reminder that life’s decisions are frequently quite difficult and raise the possibility of painful consequences.

However, you must “take the bull by the horns” and make your decisions with your best intentions, fully aware of the possible consequences. Avoidance will ultimately lead to a greater conflict.

Tarot Card of the Week: The Magician

mythic-magicianTarot Card of the Week: Jan 25, 2016 – Jan 31, 2016
The Magician

This week you might take a risk — you know the future is uncertain but you’re confident and ready to move forward and put your plans into action to realize your dreams!

Hermes — The Little Rascal — The Magician of Greek Mythology

The Greek God Hermes was a rascal who had a hidden agenda and was extremely precocious. Hours after his birth he snuck out of his crib and headed off on an adventure which included stealing cattle from his half-brother, Apollo.

He hid them in a cave, creating a lyre (lute) from a turtle shell, and inventing sacrificial divine worship. He then returned to his crib as if nothing had happened.

Apollo discovered his cattle were missing and became livid! Being the gifted god of prophecy and omens as well as the Sun god, he determined that Hermes stole the cattle.

Finding the supposedly hapless infant in his crib, Apollo took Hermes to see his father, Zeus (king of the gods, fate and destiny). When confronted, Hermes lied and said that he did not take the cattle.

Tarot Card of the Week: Knight of Cups


Tarot Card of the Week: Nov 2 – Nov 8, 2015

Knight of Cups

Did you know the Knight of Cups LIVES THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM?

This week the appearance of the Knight of Cups indicates that something is going to change or that something previously hidden will be revealed!

You might get swept off your feet and fall in love — or something hidden might be revealed to you — or someone might show up from the past — or you might receive an invitation — or you might start a new friendship or new relationship — or you might receive a commitment or proposal of marriage.

The Story of the Knight of Cups — Mythic Tarot

In Mythic Tarot, you meet Perseus — he was the son of Zeus (the immortal king of the gods and ruler of fate and destiny), and his mother was Danae (a mortal woman).

In Greek Mythology, Danae and her infant (Perseus) were locked in a chest and thrown into the sea by Danae’s father (Acrisius) to prevent a Delphic Oracle Prophecy from coming true (the king was warned that his daughter would bear a son that would kill him).

Tarot Card of the Week — Page of Swords

Page of SwordsTarot Card of the Week: Aug 31-Sept 6
The Pony Express

This week you might deliver or receive an unexpected message. You or another person might expel the gusty west winds and create a storm to bring something out into the open, or put an end to something, or deliver unexpected news or gossip!

The Page of Swords is called “The Pony Express Card” in my deck, the messenger who delivers important messages. The message represents the unexpected box of chocolates that Forest Gump talked about, and Forest said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!”

The Page of Swords brings you into a new fragile beginning or ending, and the arrival of the unexpected west winds… We have a saying here in California, “When the Santa Ana Winds are blowing, anything can happen!” 

You arrive at the path of the unexpected west winds… The Page of Swords is the “Pony Express” who delivers important messages (good or bad). You’ll deliver or receive an important letter, email, text, phone message, or you may hear or spread gossip. You may lose something or lose someone dear to you. You could also experience unexpected weather or transportation problems!

Tarot Card of the Week: Eight of Swords


Tarot Card of the Week: August 10 – August 16

Are The Furies Visiting Your Thoughts?

You arrive at the path of the furies visiting your thoughts… The Eights represent the status of your relationship. In the distance, there are nasty storm clouds hovering over the mountains! These storm clouds represent the storm of uncertainty that is brewing in the Archetypes thoughts!

This week you might feel trapped in an uncomfortable situation that is self-inflicted through fear, or the consequence of a choice you need to make. You’ll need to make the effort to free your thoughts from being jailed in the situation, or feeling hopeless, or feeling sorry for yourself, or feeling like you’re experiencing another stinging event that is out of your control!

You need to remember that fear will paralyze you straight in your tracks if you let it, and you won’t be able to act on what needs to be done. Do you fear confrontation? Do you fear hurting someone and burning your bridges? What do you fear this week?

Decode And Learn The Secrets Of Symbols And The Stories They Tell… You’re going to break out of this self-inflicted situation rather quickly because the mountains in this card are close.

When the mountains are close they represent a fast timing, but when the mountains are far away they represent the opposite!

Tarot Card of the Week — Strength

Strength-MythicTarot Card of the Week: July 20-July 26
The Inner Strength Of Your Spirit

This week you might need to stand up for yourself and face a situation that feels like the hot fiery Sun. If you do not stand up for yourself and head for the hills, you’ll end up in your cave of fears or procrastination!

In Mythic Tarot and Greek Mythology, you meet Heracles, a mortal that became a god. Heracles was known as one of the greatest hero’s because he faced and conquered the biggest and most ferocious lion, Nemean.

In the Strength card, Nemean represents a metaphor for the Sun, a situation that feels hot and burning, easily raging out of control and requires you to stand up for yourself and face the ferocious lion within, or the outer lion that roars at you!

The Strength card shows Heracles entering a cave – the cave represents a metaphor for your inner hidden fears, and fear can stop you straight away, if you let it!  With determination, you can conquer almost any fear, for it truly exists in your mind.

You need to tap into your inner strength and face the situation that roars at you with all your courage and strength to become the hero that wears the skin of the lion, who faces the heat of the ferocious Sun!