Afterlife – Real or Just What We Want To Believe


Afterlife, is it just something we want to believe or does it really exist?

For some people it is a given, they feel their loved ones have passed over to a beautiful place where their spirit is set free. For others, since they can’t really see it, they don’t believe it exists.

Of course, then there are those that would just say we die, that’s the end.

While some say there is scientific proof, others claim there is no way it can be proved.

Psychic Medium ~ Curse or Gift By Quiet Sound

Psychic Medium

I have been blessed in this lifetime to be a Psychic Medium and I have to tell you it has been quite an adventure and a journey. We are all different in how we receive our gifts and in how we are told to use our abilities.

In most cases it’s a beautiful gift given to us by God and to be able to reunite loved ones and to pass messages from the other side and it helps the client to make important decisions about their lives and gives comfort to those that are searching for answers and confirmation that our loved ones are ok and what they are doing and if they wish to communicate.

For me, relaying messages is a very natural and normal occurrence and flows very easily. I’m faced with the client either through phone, live chat, or in person and the information is given to me and then relayed by me and it’s at that time that the urgency to relay is released and that is how I know that either your guides, angels, and loved ones are satisfied with what you need to know for the moment.

It’s a blessing, some clients say to be able to relieve them and to give them hope for their futures and to make them feel better.

Over the years I have had questions from clients wanting to know if it’s ever difficult in relaying messages to people especially if a person doesn’t want to hear a message or if there are times when the messages is not who you think they are for but really for someone else. I know, it sounds very complicated and confusing but the answer to that question is a profound “YES”. It’s at those times when I feel as though this is actually some kind of curse but then in most cases turns into a blessing and a gift.