Internet, Social Media: a Curse or a Blessing?

social media

Many are the well-known advantages to modern technology in the online, digital world in our modern daily life with its busy schedules and high demands in the workplace.

However, many are the issues and even serious problems that the misuse of this media can bring us, both immediate and long-term family and relationship problems.

Such problems can arise through misunderstandings and the untimely use and abuse of social media apps, such as whatsapp, facebook and so on. Not to mention the risk and all too real problem of internet addiction to digital social media.

Choosing Life Over Fear

Follow the Path of the Buddha

Did you ever heard the saying…”Nothing to fear, but fear itself!”?

It should be a statement taught to memorize in 1st grade to ensure we do not miss that train…that at times seemingly elusive train named happiness (not same as the streetcar named desire…:).

Contrary to what the title might have sounded like, this is not a religious article.