Dating Apocalypse? Finding Love with Online Dating

Earlier this month, the popular dating app Tinder had an epic, thirty post  Twitter meltdown in response to a critical Vanity Fair article  decrying today’s millennial “hook-up” culture (and apps like Tinder) as responsible for a kind of dating apocalypse.

Those critical of online and mobile dating technology contend that easily accessible sex  has replaced human relating and posed a daunting barrier to finding love.  They say that with so many opportunities for easily obtainable hook-ups or sex, men (and women) have little impetus or time to seek out serious relationships. Others say that online dating is just not a place where a serious, soulful relationship can be found.

It’s true that online dating can be a pool fraught with creeps and guys who send crude two word questions, and just about everyone knows a funny (or horrible) online dating story.  One of the most popular refrains I hear from app weary clients is, “I’m just so over online dating. There’s no good guys!” But does this mean that it’s impossible to find a partner online?