Tarot Card of the Week: Two of Wands

two of wands

Tarot Card of the Week: Feb 20 – Feb 26, 2017

Two of Wands

This week ends with a new Moon solar eclipse, as seen in the image of this card. But it’s the days leading up to it you most want to think about. The Two of Wands — like all Twos — refers to taking the spark of an idea (seen in the Aces) and forming it into a tangible, working plan.

This requires looking at it from all angles — weighing the pros and cons, evaluating time and energy, separating the wheat from the chaff and so on. This is beautifully represented in the imagery depicted on this version of the card.

In this version of the card — from Nathalie Hertz’s beautiful Fantastical Tarot — we see two leopards, one dark and one light, each standing watch by their own ornate pillars. The dark leopard is an exact mirror image of the light.

Their sleek bodies curve toward one another and become “one,” reminding us of the power of uniting opposing forces to make one stronger entity. The Sun shines high in the sky between them.

The key here is balance: you won’t be able to make something happen without careful consideration and planning. And all the planning in the world won’t cause your ideas to materialize without putting in the effort.

Tarot Card of the Week: Four of Wands

Four of Wands

Tarot Card of the Week: July 25 – Aug 31, 2016

Four of Wands

If you look back over the past several months, what would you say your greatest accomplishments would be?

This image — from the Fantastical Tarot’s Four of Wands — shows your imagination running away with you and perhaps there is something that was left out for you that you wish to carry over into the coming months.

Do not be concerned that you have failed in any way as the timing may have been that you laid down the groundwork for your dream and are now coming up to a point where you can release it.

The garden (your plan) is well tended. You have laid out some very impressive groundwork in getting yourself started.

The four pillars are lined with symbols of growth alongside the green beacons which further shine for you and give you inspiration. The Four of Wands represents the completion of a goal: something you set your mind to and saw to fruition.

The hill in the background is vividly green even under the light of a full moon at night and this implies that you will find the answers you seek for you plan without much need for more searching.