Solar and Lunar Eclipses — The Winds of Change

The Keeper of Secrets (The New Moon) is hiding behind the Sun and secrets are hidden!

The High Priestess indicates change — your higher-self is asking you to make a change that is necessary for growth. The New Moon (Solar Eclipse) brings the Dragon’s Tail.

psychic scoop-south node

The South Node is related to the “Solar Eclipse — The New Moon” and represents the “Dragon’s Tail” and makes you dissolve a relationship and shed the “Dragon’s Tail” to release what is not working. The South Node also indicates what needs to fall away from you, so you’ll grow and not stay stuck in a rut. The New Moon (new beginnings) makes you think about the changes you want to make!

The New Moon Eclipse (keeper of hidden secrets) is related to the relationship with yourself. The Solar Eclipse is the time of a conjunction — the time when you’ll internalize and look inward — and start thinking about the changes you’ll want to create that will benefit you! At this time the New Moon (the keeper of hidden secrets) is hiding behind the Sun.

The Solar Eclipse represents a sudden unexpected inner change, and this energy will manifest in your thoughts and bring you into the spotlight of awareness about yourself! The energy of the Solar Eclipse will put pressure on you — and you’ll feel motivated to change something about yourself that needs to be changed!