How To Contact Archangels By Quietsound


I LOVE the Archangels!

They are one of the most powerful beings next to God the Creator and it’s so easy to work with them when you have a problem and need help. All You have to do is call on them and they are at your side in seconds.

One thing about Archangels is that they just do not intervene in helping you with what is bothering you.

You MUST ask them to come and help you and invite them in.

​It’s very easy to talk to them. You can think of the Archangel you would like to contact and just ask for the help you need but you must be respectful with a please and a thank you at the end of your request.

You can communicate with them through thoughts, spoken words, and even through writing. You can make it as simple or as complex as you wish. You do NOT have to be in a meditative state of mind to talk to your Archangel of choice.