How Shikakai Saved My Hair

How Shikakai Saved My Hair ·

Hello 🙂  My name is Malia.  I am a natural empath, intuitive, practitioner of energy healing.  Although, there are times it seems more accurate to say I am an interpreter of vibration, feeling and color.

My journey in learning about myself and my gifts has led to an insatiable thirst for knowledge of natural healing for the physical body.  The more I trust my gifts, the more I want to be connected to the earth and my highest, most natural expression of who I am in this amazing body. I plan to write about many wonderful discoveries, but for today, I’m focusing on hair care.

This aspect of my own journey felt evermore important to me in recent years as the long and very thick locks of my youth seemed to be leaving me. Day after day, handfuls of hair were falling away.  I started to realize how much I identify with how I look, how much value I had placed on how I thought the world viewed my physical body, and through that experience, I started to learn why I was losing my hair.

The first thing I began to do was appreciate and love my body, just the way it is, right now.  I started to resist the impulse to judge myself, and I started to notice how many women degrade themselves in an attempt to feel like a part of the group (usually other women) or in an attempt to gain attention and praise from the group (usually inclusive of men).  This inauthentic attempt to connect with others, without being willing to shine myself, was my own way being for most of my life, but it became very clear and obvious to me once I stopped and stepped outside the old pattern, that there was a better way.

I’m SOOOOO Tired!!! (Empaths and Adrenal Fatigue)

adrenal fatique

Hello.  My name is Malia.  I am energy/aura reader, empath, channel & practitioner of energy healing.

What does it mean to be an empath? It is one thing to discover you are an empath, having the ability feel others feelings and even physical sensations, but it’s an entirely different journey to learn then what that means for you, how (or whether) to interpret the information, and how to bring yourself to a healthy and centered place again and again. And, it is entirely possible, even probable, that you arrived here, in this life, having forgotten your power, who you truly are, what your gifts are and how to use/focus them.  In recent years, I have been offered ongoing guidance to assist fellow empaths in exploring their gifts and learning to ground, and as a result, have a more peaceful life experience.  For the purpose of this article, I am sharing guidance regarding adrenal fatigue, grounding, and my perspective, as an empath, on both.