Numerology Card of the Week — Abundance

The Numerology Card of The Week For April 30th to May 6, 2016 is:


Number 88~Abundance: This card indicates a need to adopt an attitude of abundance in order to attract it into your life.

By drawing this card, you are being encouraged to recognize the numerous opportunities in front of you, for the Universe is bountiful, and there is plenty to go around.

Since you attract what you believe, you must improve your perception of the world.

Replace your thoughts of scarcity, competition, and shortage with feelings of abundance, prosperity, and hope.. 

Perhaps you were brought up to believe that money does not grow on trees. Or maybe you aren’t convinced you deserve to be happy, successful, and prosperous. 

When you change your perception, you change the circumstances of your life.

In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life — cycles that are encouraging you to adopt an attitude of abundance.

What if Money Were No Object?

Alan Watts, the philosopher of the 60s and 70s explains, in a short and beautiful way, what you can become or what you can do if money were no object.

But even more importantly how to live life with freedom from the constraints that society places on us.

Watts, who died in 1973, helped explain Eastern philosophy and approaches to life and being in a way that Westerners like me can understand.

His work endures today in his writings and videos that his son, Mark Watts, has preserved and shares with the world.

Better than “The Secret” this video is perfect for people who can take 10 minute break from there life and listen to Watt’s three minute talk on the subject and the incredible meditational music played by Niraj Naik.

Attract Anything with a Wishing Bundle


True mystics know that the “law of attraction”, which became so popular with the DVD “The Secret” has been practiced for centuries.

The “law of attraction” is just a scientific way for doing what ancient sages called “magic.”

The movie, “The Secret,” discusses how to manifest things in your life by using a vision board. However, in the old days, and even now, wise women and men create a  wishing bundle to help them manifest their desires.

The bundle has the same concept as a vision board, but can be even more powerful because it requires you put a bit more effort into it. The tradition of making a wishing bundle is hundreds of years old. All you have to do is gather items associated with your wish.