Soulmates & Twin Flame Relationships

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What are the best ways to deal with Soulmate relationship issues while at the same time maximizing their potential for success?

There are three main steps to accomplish this, as outlined below:

First of all, you want to treat your Soulmate relationship the same way you would any other relationship that you’re hoping will reach its full potential: to fulfill your needs and desire and to be loved and happy in, which should be the main goal of any love relationship.

Secondly you need to follow your intuition, let your love flow out and listen to your heart.

Finally, you want to make sure that you are dedicating your time and energy to someone that values you and is ready to respect you and love you the way that you deserve.

This is not only essential for your well being in any type of relationship but is the very essence and goal of Soulmate relationships and particularly with Twin flames. Since this is the very goal of love and particularly spiritually-connected relationships: to inspire, motivate and challenge your partner to achieve their spiritual missions and growth.

There is a lot said and written about soulmates and all the different types and reasons that motivates them to be together, with some even non so positive — and at times downright chaotic — probable outcomes, all of it valid to a degree since at times they may prove to be too challenging for the very young and inexperienced specially, in a society that always craves for easier, faster and more.

However, as probabilities go — and many long term predictions are based on them — it is unrealistic, depressing and at times disempowering, to just sit back and blindly rely on them, while taking a back seat from life, to contemplate how your so desired living experience and possible happiness, disastrously and irreparably passes by or simply evaporates…..

To the RESCUE comes YOUR OWN POWER.  Your loved one’s and your own love and willpower can and does create daily miracles, which range from simple expressions of love and happiness to creating a life of abundance and joy.

When I speak of abundance I am not referring to the American Dream — the house and the 4×4 — but rather the abundance of joyful feelings and the support system you need closeby to emotionally feel happy, safe and fulfilled. Which is what is going to make your relationship work and last in the end.

I am a firm believer in MANIFESTING, when it comes to your own life and what your heart truly wants and desires. I practice it in my own life and in my readings as well, in how to help my clients achieve what they want and need to be happy and fulfilled.

When I read for you about your love relationship, rather than obsessing over the precise definition of the type of soulmate, twin flame, karmic love, or life mate that you are dealing with, I prefer to focus on helping my clients to define and identify the patterns in their relationships and how to break those that hinder them and their partners from achieving a happy functional relationship.

I also show them how to participate in co-creating a more satisfying and enriching love life in the PRESENT (both on a spiritual and physical plane. ) Once this is achieved, the future will take care of itself, one day at a time.

Through the years I have heard of too many readers that profess to *NEVER being wrong* with their predictions, going on to vaticinate everything from divorce, breakup, family and financial ruin…and numerous other catastrophic outcomes, with iconic statements such as, *because he or she is not in your life*….or *because of your bad karma….*

There might be a type of client interested in this focus for future prediction, however, if you have been a victim of such a negative prognostication, keep in mind that in my experience and in the experience of most other ethical spiritual advisors, these predictions have been proven wrong.

I can only feel empathy and compassion for all the heartache and negative programming caused by those catastrophic omens that in the end, only contributed to the surrendering of people’s willpower and subconscious minds to “their unlucky predestinations.”

There are two factors that can destroy your chances of happiness in life with your Soulmate and those are FEAR and EGO. Not karma or destiny, not even your stars…even though they might favour or challenge at one time or another.

At times might be difficult “to see the trees from the forest” on your own. Alone and during the times you may feel like you’re swimming against the current of social convention, the expectations of your environment or even some family core values that you were raised with. Envy, jealousy and fear of the ones around you — even from the well intended loved ones and the conformism of peer pressure…can be confusing and even challenging at times.

However, your heart tells you to fight and to pursue what you truly want. What it is that you truly want? What can you do to play your best cards in the game of love and happiness searching? In reality it is no game at all and there is a lot at stake. What can you do to make that dream a part of your reality and in doing so make your love life a truly meaningful and happy one?

Deep inside your soul already knows….If you need help bringing to your consciousness or guidance and support to best find the path and ways to make it happen, chat with me here and let’s find out!

With love from the romance angels and your love specialist, Pat.




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