Is Your Soul Mate a Jerk?

soul mate

That first night, you stayed up all night talking. Sharing hopes and dreams. Talking about the past, dreaming about the future. True Bliss! Your head is in the clouds for weeks.

This is it! This is the one you have been waiting for. This is the one that makes you forget about all the losers you tolerated in the past. This is the one that made all the heartbreaks worth it! Or is it?…

Months later …

It’s all you can do to hold on. You wonder why they aren’t as open. You wonder what you could have done wrong.

You wonder if they are losing interest. You wonder why they no longer communicate the way that they used to. You try to change yourself into what you think he or she is looking for in a relationship. You lose you, you forget who you are.

The common misconception of a soul mate relationship is that they will come into our lives and we will live happily ever after. Pure bliss. You are completed, you will no longer be alone. However, the truth is not even close. Soul Mate relationships are the hardest relationships. Soul mates come into our lives to show us what we need to heal and work on. Some Joe Blow off the street isn’t going to bring up your fears.

Imagine yourself in a group of souls before you were born. You are surrounded by all of these souls that love you, that have traveled from lifetime to lifetime with you. This is your Karmic Family. You stand in the center of all of these souls with God. And you have just explained to God what you want to experience in this lifetime in order to grow as a soul. You have laid out how you want to experience the dysfunctional parents, the cheating boyfriends/girlfriends and the failed relationships that will help you find compassion and healing for this upcoming lifetime.

God then looks out among these souls and says:

‘Who among you loves this soul enough to help them with what they want to experience? Knowing that they may not understand why you are in their life? Knowing that they may walk away from you with hate or disappointment?” Guess who raises their hands? Your soul mates!

We all have many soul mates. They come into our lives for a day, a reason, a lifetime, a season.

But! you say to yourself, “I want this one!, I want this one to work!”

The trick to a soul mate relationship is working on the fears that they trigger within you. Are these fears of abandonment? Fears of ending up alone and unloved? Fears of never feeling good enough or worthy? By working on these fears, without making your soul mate responsible for fixing these for you, you will find is that your soul mates no longer has to mirror behavior to you that triggers these fears.

They no longer have to be a jerk in order to get you to look at your own life. Allowing once and for all that soul mate relationship that we have all dreamed about!



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