siob-hs The heart wants what it wants.

Love is a powerful thing, so is desire and focus, as we focus on a person and wanting to be with them, it is easy to feel they are wanting the same thing.

Often there is a mutual synergy and it’s simply that the other person is at a different place emotionally or mentally, I can help look at situations through my empathic, intuitive gifts and see the course unfolding.

In the meantime, I can help you develop a stronger, more focused you, one that draws them to you, like a moth to a flame, as you embark on what fulfills you, oftentimes, they will be drawn to you like never before!

Through it all, we can look at your multiple options, this is a wide world, full of many possibilities, even as connected as we are with one person, the universe never limits our life path to one individual, we are only as limited as we choose our focus to be.

What is limiting your horizon, even as you wait for what your heart wants? Start living your crazy, beautiful life. Stop waiting while you’re waiting.

In my readings, I seek to help you better understand your position and that of others of whom you inquire. I’ll try to help you see the current path you’re on, where that is likely headed, and any blocks to achieving success in love, finance, career, etc.

If you are asking about another individual, I will try to help you see where they are on their path and what hinders them from being with you in a productive, healthy, effective way. The key here is to realize that I will help you see their path and this may or may not include you.

The primary lesson I wish you to take away from a reading with me is that YOU are in control. Neither you or I can control the freewill of others, I cannot make people be with you, love you, accept you. . I will try to show you why they may choose not to be/cannot be with you and if that is likely to change

Hope lives and breathes in this moment.

~Siobhan Darroch~




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