Should I Wait or Move On?

One of the most popular questions a psychic gets asked is, “Should I wait or move on?” and all its variations; should I wait on that guy who hasn’t asked me out, should I wait for so-and-so to contact me, should I wait for my ex to come back?

While the analysis of each situation is different and complex, there are some basic things everyone should know about the energy of waiting and moving on, and this information is something that can be applied to ANY situation.

Should I Wait or Move on? Why We Block The Answer

When we feel like our efforts and existence are not netting the results we most desire, it’s only natural to wonder whether we should even bother going down the same path.

Most of the time, when we ask this question what we really want to know is if if things could get better!

Have you ever been totally fed up with a situation and convinced that you need to move on only to be confused by self doubts or opposite thoughts later on? Have you ever been afraid to even really CONSIDER moving on?

Why does this happen? Whether we’re merely pondering moving on, or whether we think we’re ready to move on, the very nature of the words “move on” makes us think of endings, defeat, and loss and it makes us unconsciously want to hold on even more rather than face those scary feelings of termination and change.

What Moving On Really is

There’s actually a much truer way to view the energy of “moving on” that can free your heart and mind to consider making the very choices that are right for you in the moment. Without all the pressure and pain of viewing moving-on as a terrible defeat or ending, moving on can be viewed as something that healthy people do all day every day. Even within a committed relationship! (yes, that’s right, people in a loving, committed relationship “move on” every single day… but more on that in a minute…)

Instead of thinking about moving on as a final and sweeping choice or leaving something behind, it’s simply the decision to follow more of your happiness, more of your own balance, more of your own REAL Self, and to follow less of the forces that hold you in pain, make you feel frustrated, or things you cannot change.

When you’re taking care of your happiness, you’re no longer waiting for you someone to do something they’re not doing, you’re not waiting around for the state of a relationship to change, or for an offer to come through. You’re living your life, you’re engaging the world and you’re creating what you want in your world.

If someone (or something) isn’t coming forward and giving you what you think you need, moving on in that moment allows you to say,
“I’m going to do more of the things that fulfill me, and if this works out, great! But I’m not waiting, I’m doing my own thing.”

“Moving on” is simply….. MOVINGAnd you do it every day.

But What About Waiting to See if Things Get Better?

At the broadest level, the answer to “should I wait or should I move on?” is always MOVE ON in the moment. How come? There’s a reason why we phrase that question using those specific words. “Waiting” means we’re a passive agent in what is happening around us. We wait for a bus, we wait for the dentist to call us into a room, we wait for the rain to pass. We choose the word “waiting” because part of us (whether we want to see it or not) wants OTHER things around us to change… and for us to stay safe.

The problem with taking on that passive energy with anything important in our life (work, relationship, love) is that “waiting” makes us feel stuck, frustrated, annoyed, hopeless, anxious, defeated and even foolish.

Has that energy ever created change in the history of ever? Nope!

Moving On is Part of ALL Successful Relationships

The real way to create change and to make things better is a combination of expressing your needs and communicating, and also in making your emotions and movement through life something you take care of directly – by moving on in the moment!

Let’s say your partner is crabby, rude and does the two-step all over your feelings one morning. You can wait around brooding and fuming for them to apologize and make your day feel better again, OR you can take charge of your day by going out to lunch, work on your own projects, and engage with people who lift you up. What you do has no power over her insight into their crabbiness, or whether they apologizes, but it has EVERYTHING to do with how you feel.

Focusing on movement instead of waiting creates the energetic quality that lets you be vulnerable and honest with them later on about how you were feeling, and open to hearing what’s really going on with them. Because you’re taking care of your own emotional needs and not depending on your partner, you’re in a much better position to do just that.

Vulnerability and honesty is important in a relationship, but without moving-on in the moment, vulnerability becomes neediness.. waiting for that other person to deliver the right response, to say the right thing, to learn from their mistakes, to hurt you or help you. Moving on gives you your own POWER back.

Every single person in a healthy relationship must “move on” every day. Focusing on your own actions, your happiness, your balance, your heart is essential to effective communication, to romance and to solving arguments. The truth is that “moving on” (moving!) is the life force of all healthy relationships and not just letting go of an unworkable situation.

Moving on Helps you…moving

Deal with anyone who is not coming forward to join you. Move on in this moment! Live your life, be open to the possibilities around you instead of focusing on frustration.

This is an energetically magnetic energy and one that will actually create attraction, communication and chemistry in your life. You’re NOT waiting around, you’re busy too and have a life of your own!

Which would you rather be with: The person who generates happiness within, who doesn’t depend on you and has a life of their own, or the person who is obsessing and stuck, whose happiness depends on what you do or choose?

waitingDeal with a former relationship:

Move on, make your focus your life ahead and do more of what makes you feel alive.

If your loved one still has feelings for you and if there are potentials to work through past issues or hurts moving on in the moment towards following what creates balance, happiness and movement in your OWN life will only enhance that quality. If your ex isn’t right for you, you won’t be dwelling in the past, waiting for them.

Deal with anxiety: Move on! Making the choice to follow those things in your life that create movement for you will help you avoid the sense of anxiety (undirected energy) that day to day issues bring.

There are many things in life we can’t control or know about, but waiting around and feeling anxious doesn’t help us one bit. Moving on in the moment can help. “I don’t know if this job will call today, but I’m going to move on to my next task and find something I can work on!”

If you would like help in finding ways to tap into your “move on in the moment” energy, or to take a look at waiting and moving on in your specific situation, please visit me for a chat!

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