Setting Boundaries, Necessary In Both Personal And Business Life


Setting boundaries is necessary in both personal and business relationships. It can be hard to set boundaries but if you don’t, after a while it can take a toll on your own personal happiness.

How many times have you heard someone say they feel as though they are being taken for granted?

This may be a problem you have in your own life. It happens to many people in both their personal and business lives, but there is a solution and you can begin to turn it around by setting boundaries.

This has always been very hard for me to do myself, and the root of it for me is because I don’t like telling people no. While that’s great for those that know this about me, it really has caused me a lot of stress in both the personal and business areas of my life. I was able to make many changes by setting boundaries in my business practices, but am still a work in progress on setting boundaries in my personal life.

Setting Boundaries In Your Business Life

We all want to be a team player, show the boss we can do the job, and be liked by our co-workers. Letting them know they can count on us to go that extra mile, work a few more hours, or even take our work home with us. While this can make us a great asset to the work place, it can also sometimes set us up to be taken for granted. This may be when you need to start setting a few boundaries.

I’m not saying you can’t be a good employee, put in extra time or do a little more, what I’m saying is you might need to begin setting boundaries to let them know while you are willing to do a good job, you also need your own time. This is especially true if you have a family, but also necessary for you to have the time to relax and enjoy your life so you don’t burn yourself out.

Setting boundaries is extremely necessary for those of us that own a business. Getting return customers, or in my case clients, is what makes our business flourish. We will often give a first time customer a little extra, even if it’s just our time. However, it will become a problem if they expect it every time they contact us for service. I work online as a psychic/tarot reader, both from my own site as well as a few other sites.

I offer both paid per minute readings as well as allowing my clients to purchase blocks of time, it’s their choice as to which of these options they prefer. While I have to say most of my clients are respective of the time limit, either what they’ve purchased in a block, or the amount they have set for the per minute reading, I find some feel they deserve more time for free. If I’m doing a block of time and feel the need to finish something we are discussing, I will just continue and finish. What I won’t do is start to help them with a new problem or question. For that, they will need to purchase a new reading.

For those that have chosen the per minute reading and I feel there needs to be more clarification on their original question, I will follow up with an email to make sure they understand or if they need me to clarify something in the original reading. What I will not do is answer a new question in a follow up email. This is my way of setting boundaries because I know my clients need to understand that this is my business and while I want them to be satisfied, I also have more clients that need my help.

It isn’t easy to say no to a client when they ask for more time than they have paid for, but it is necessary and why I had to begin setting boundaries. Of course, in doing this, you have to be careful of the words you choose, you don’t want to come off rude, but you will need to be firm.

Setting Boundaries In Your Personal Life

Setting boundaries in my personal life is much harder for me than when I’m doing it for my business. I love my family and friends, so I often find it hard to say no when they ask something of me. By saying yes when I feel I don’t really have the time and energy, it’s my own fault when I’m stressed or overextended. I’m sure there are a lot of you in the same position and while I can tell other people it’s okay to say no sometimes, I find it difficult to do myself. This can not only have an effect on our health, but can become a financial burden as well.

For me personally, I have a few health issues that cause me more pain when I overextend myself or get stressed. It would be great if everyone in my life could understand and realize this, in addition to the fact I’m getting older, they would take this into consideration when they ask me to do something. Sadly, because I don’t look sick, they don’t always seem to notice and continue to make requests. Because of this, I’ve come to begin setting boundaries for both family and friends.

I have to be the one to realize when something they need is going to work for me or if I have to just say no, I’m sorry but I just can’t do what you ask. While in the past I might have thought they will be angry with me or feel like I’m being mean, I’ve come to realize it will be okay, they will understand. I’m beginning to find that it is getting easier to just say no when I feel I can’t do something, than to push myself and wind up feeling as though I’m being taken for granted.

Setting boundaries in both your personal and business life won’t be easy, and it might take you some time to actually do it, but once you take that first step, you’ll find it will make life so much better. It will give you the power to show you should not be taken for granted. There is no time like the present, so get started setting boundaries. Let me know how it’s working out for you.




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