What You Never Learned About Boundaries


Setting boundaries can be the most important thing you ever harness to transform your relationships and life … especially when it comes to dating and relationships.   True, balanced boundaries are often misunderstood;  they’re not about building an impenetrable wall of barbed wire,  but about having positive, open energy that keeps life flowing.

Imagine how an ocean flows and thrives in its space and boundaries,  but a stagnant rain puddle that doesn’t receive new energy is always evaporating, having increasingly poor boundaries and edges.  If you were a fish, which would you prefer to live in?  In the ocean you can define your turf, swim and explore and have the resources you need -but in a puddle you don’t have that luxury, you’re always trying hard, gasping for what you need and feverishly trying to stay protected as the puddle shrinks.

Intuition, the Language of the Empath


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Hello.  My name is Malia.  I am energy/aura reader, empath, channel & practitioner of energy healing.

What does it mean to be an empath? It is one thing to discover you are an empath, having the ability feel others feelings and even physical sensations, but it’s an entirely different journey to learn then what that means for you, how (or whether) to interpret the information, and how to bring yourself to a healthy and centered place again and again. And, it is entirely possible, even probable, that you arrived here, in this life, having forgotten your power, who you truly are, what your gifts are and how to use/focus them.  In recent years, I have been offered ongoing guidance to assist fellow empaths in exploring their gifts and learning to ground, and as a result, have a more peaceful life experience.  For the purpose of this article, I am sharing guidance regarding intuition, the language of the heart.

5 Ways to Stop Being “The Other Woman”

other woman

It all starts innocently enough. At first you may share glances of humor, secretly laughing at a co-worker or work environment. Then small conversations, or quips, and jokes turn into long and serious conversations. Then you can’t wait for work to start so you can see each other again. Slowly the conversations turn into caresses, and then passionate moments in the break room or long lunches at a motel room. The connection is unbelievable because you seem to be in sync at every moment. All seems well, you feel you finally found your soulmate after a long search, except for one thing, he is married.

Setting Boundaries, Necessary In Both Personal And Business Life


Setting boundaries is necessary in both personal and business relationships. It can be hard to set boundaries but if you don’t, after a while it can take a toll on your own personal happiness.

How many times have you heard someone say they feel as though they are being taken for granted?

This may be a problem you have in your own life. It happens to many people in both their personal and business lives, but there is a solution and you can begin to turn it around by setting boundaries.

This has always been very hard for me to do myself, and the root of it for me is because I don’t like telling people no. While that’s great for those that know this about me, it really has caused me a lot of stress in both the personal and business areas of my life. I was able to make many changes by setting boundaries in my business practices, but am still a work in progress on setting boundaries in my personal life.

What are His Thoughts, Feelings and Intentions?


When seeking psychic advice it is often because you want to feel better.

Life is hard, perhaps a relationship has taken a turn for the worse, and you just want to stop hurting. The important thing to focus on here is how you change things in the LONG term and create a better future.

Sometimes when you are hurt and upset all you want to do is feel better RIGHT NOW, so you seek out short term fixes and instant reassurance.

This will keep you going for a while but until you look at core issues, patterns that repeat, and the reasons why you always seem to end up back in the same place, then all you are getting is a quick (and expensive), fix.

A bandaid over a huge gaping wound.

The Invisible Man. Part 5 of 12:

Invisible Man

This is part 5 in “The Invisible Man” series with a question that comes from a woman we call Annie. Annie was stuck at the cross-roads for many years regarding a relationship break-up that she never saw coming…

Annie is a long time client of mine, and she asked me to go into detail about a man she was engaged to in the past. We will call this man James Bond…

Annie thought she knew James Bond inside and out, but when the relationship ended, unexpectedly and without closure, she realized she didn’t know him like she thought she did!

She had a hard time letting him go and said she should’ve been much further by now, but she is still twisted and stuck in a rut, still looking backwards instead of looking forwards!

We Had a Fight, Can I Fix This?

“My boyfriend and I had a terrible fight. I’m so sick of this. Is it over?”

We think of fights as horrible, destructive agents of relationship doom, and we want to avoid them at all costs. From our culture, to our personal histories, we learn arguments are a thing to fear. But what if we could see arguments as both normal and even helpful? Is there an alternative to arguments or a way to create harmony after one has already begun?

What is an argument REALLY?

Arguments are all unique combinations of different energies: misunderstandings, miscommunications, trapped emotions, or projections of past events. But they are also an alarm system that show us where something unhealthy or unworkable has been existing in our relationship in the same way that pain alerts our brain that we’ve touched a hot pot. Arguments highlight whatever we have been afraid or unable to clearly communicate in other ways.