Soulmates & Twin Flame Relationships

twin flames

What are the best ways to deal with Soulmate relationship issues while at the same time maximizing their potential for success?

There are three main steps to accomplish this, as outlined below:

First of all, you want to treat your Soulmate relationship the same way you would any other relationship that you’re hoping will reach its full potential: to fulfill your needs and desire and to be loved and happy in, which should be the main goal of any love relationship.

Secondly you need to follow your intuition, let your love flow out and listen to your heart.

Finally, you want to make sure that you are dedicating your time and energy to someone that values you and is ready to respect you and love you the way that you deserve.

This is not only essential for your well being in any type of relationship but is the very essence and goal of Soulmate relationships and particularly with Twin flames. Since this is the very goal of love and particularly spiritually-connected relationships: to inspire, motivate and challenge your partner to achieve their spiritual missions and growth.

Should I Wait or Move On?

One of the most popular questions a psychic gets asked is, “Should I wait or move on?” and all its variations; should I wait on that guy who hasn’t asked me out, should I wait for so-and-so to contact me, should I wait for my ex to come back?

While the analysis of each situation is different and complex, there are some basic things everyone should know about the energy of waiting and moving on, and this information is something that can be applied to ANY situation.

Should I Wait or Move on? Why We Block The Answer

When we feel like our efforts and existence are not netting the results we most desire, it’s only natural to wonder whether we should even bother going down the same path.

Most of the time, when we ask this question what we really want to know is if if things could get better!

Have you ever been totally fed up with a situation and convinced that you need to move on only to be confused by self doubts or opposite thoughts later on? Have you ever been afraid to even really CONSIDER moving on?

Why does this happen? Whether we’re merely pondering moving on, or whether we think we’re ready to move on, the very nature of the words “move on” makes us think of endings, defeat, and loss and it makes us unconsciously want to hold on even more rather than face those scary feelings of termination and change.

Finding Your Soulmate — a Blessing in Disguise


When it comes to the subject of Soulmates, there is a lot of misinformation being passed around. Dating sites use the term in a way that leads us to think that if we just find this one special person, we will get our “happily ever after.”

Many people think that a Soulmate is ONE person in the world that you are destined to meet, and that your happiness depends upon finding this person.

There are elements of truth in both of these views. But its very far from being that simple.

Soul Connections are about growth. The Universe put us here to grow, learn and evolve. To reach transcendence. To find wisdom. To become the very best version
of ourselves.

It’s a bit like school. You may not enjoy the learning process, but in order to progress through life and be successful you need an education.

How to Get Over a Broken Heart

How to get over a broken heart

If your partner broke up with you and your heart feels like a sledgehammer tore it apart, you have one of two choices:

You can either wallow in the pain of it all and can carry on with your negative thoughts and berate yourself, thus making yourself MORE miserable; OR you can do something completely different and choose to get over him/her as quickly as possible.

During the first few days and even the first few weeks of losing the one you loved, you should first allow yourself to go through the various stages of the grieving process.

It is good to know what these stages are so you can cut through the chase, by experiencing them and getting over it.

Ask a Psychic: Long Distance Love

long distance love

This week’s question comes from a woman who’s developed a love connection a man she’s been been friends with (online) with for the past two years.

Both of them were involved with other people at the onset of their friendship: she was married and he was involved in a long term committed relationship. But over time as their other relationships ended, they’ve grown closer and now admit to having much stronger feelings for one another.

Our client, whom we will call Candice, says she feels a little silly getting so emotionally invested in someone she’s never met in person, although they do speak on the phone and text or Skype daily. They’ve also begun to openly express feelings for one another.

Her love interest (we’ll call him Terrell) has been an incredibly support for her during the fallout of her marriage and throughout her divorce and she returned the favor once his own relationship ended several months later.

Five Ways to Bring Love Back to Valentine’s Day

Have you ever wondered how to bring love back to Valentine’s Day?

When I was a kid, I loved Valentine’s Day – the whimsical colours, the chalky-message candy hearts, the box filled with silly cards from all my classmates…     but as an adult, I began to buy into Valentine’s Day pressure.     Was I getting the right, most thoughtful gift from my sweetie? Did he have something special planned for dinner or flowers?   

I really agonized about these things and they become expectations that lead to what expectations always lead to: disappointment.  Every year therapists, psychics and astrologers hear from people who are on the brink of desolation because they are still pining for someone who left their life,  or because they feel alone and unloved, or because their loved one isn’t meeting their expectations.

How did something that’s supposed to be fun get so dark? Ever since a certain famous card manufacturer started mass producing Valentine cards  in 1913 in Kansas City, the world has had an arbitrary way to measure the presence and absence of love.  And because comparison takes us away from what we HAVE, it’s given us a way to compare our lives to a story of what should be.    The right ring, the right dinner, the right romantic setting, the right person.  All that pressure adds up to disappointing bad dates, lonely nights, and worse.  How do we stop this madness?

Here are Five Ways to bring LOVE back to Valentine’s day:

Communication, A Vital Part of Every Relationship

communication vital part of relationships

We all know that communication is a vital part of every relationship, but do you really know the meaning of the word, communication.

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the correct meaning of communications is: “the act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc., to someone else”.

What is doesn’t mean is just talking or texting to each other.

Most couples will tell you they talk to each other, but I have to wonder how many actually listen, hear or understand what the other person is trying to convey.

There are many ways to communicate, some good and some bad. Do you know the difference? The best way form of communication is always face to face, but even that can fail if you aren’t really listening, hearing or just paying attention.

Let’s take a look at some things that might hinder or cause a lack of communication.