New Feature: Ask a Psychic


This week we’re pleased to announce a new Spiritual/Intuitive advice column that will be a regular weekly feature of the Psychic Scoop.

We’ll be hand selecting and responding to questions submitted by our fans on a variety of topics.

Are you having problems in your relationship, undertaking a significant life change or perplexed by a family member?

All of he psychics, astrologers, intuitive healers and other specialists will take turns responding to questions each week in the published column.

Do you have a problem or issue you’d like answered in a future edition of this column? Submit your email and tell us your story here. The column will feature mini-readings and answers that are not intended to delve deeply into all the intricate details of a particular question.

Although we’ll take care to change names and omit personally identifiable information, keep in mind the public nature of this column. For this reason, if you have a highly personal or time sensitive issue, please consider scheduling a private consultation with one of our readers rather than submitting a question for our column.

A few things to keep in mind when submitting your question for consideration:

  • Please include the date of birth for each person asked about in case your question is taken by an astrologer. If you know the time and place of birth, include these as well. Spell the month out, otherwise MM/DD/YY format will be assumed.
  • Please include the real first names of each person you’re asking about. Names will be changed in the published column, but they’re useful (and often necessary) for focusing on the individuals involved.
  • Please remember that your question may not be answered for weeks, and may not be selected for publication. Time sensitive questions won’t be used.

With this in mind, feel free to submit your questions and watch this column for upcoming submissions. We look forward to hearing from you!




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