Choosing Between a Psychic and a Medium

psychic vs. medium

What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium? A Psychic reader and a Tarot reader? A Psychic adviser and a Psychic reader? You probably heard the saying, a Psychic is not always a Medium but a Medium is always Psychic.

This is generally true, but it needs to be clarified so that it can be better understood. A Psychic Medium is a channel that is able to connect two worlds — the world of the living and the world of the departed — having the faculty or gift of canalizing the spirits of the departed and capturing their messages or communicating directly with them.

This usually implies that a Psychic Medium can also get information for the living using such channels or via their guides, angels or higher consciousness directly.

However not all the Psychics have been born or are able to develop such faculties. This is like saying, all bakers are cooks but not all cooks are bakers. So, yes this is true and we understand this distinction, however — even within this basic partition — there is an area where waters get murky.

For example, it is known by some experienced Psychic Mediums that an untrained medium can also receive and interpret information and messages from spirit via psychic intuition and psychic tools. I know this to be true: as for example, when I first started to open up and consciously communicate information I was receiving from spirit, I had to break the barrier of the denial I had been under for years that told me “I was not a medium, only a psychic.” This barrier was mainly the product of my own fears.

The first time I found myself delivering messages from spirit to my clients, it caught us both (myself and my client) by surprise. I suddenly heard the sound of my own voice saying what “such person wants you to know is blah blah blah…” At that moment, I did not know what I was saying and why I was saying it, and I immediately — almost embarrassed — tried to back up and excuse myself. But as I did so, my client impulsively grabbed me by the wrist and extorted a high pitched cry of excitement asked me to please continue, while her eyes filled themselves with tears of recognition and hope.

I felt I had no choice, and animated by my client’s responses I closed my eyes and asked my guides for answers and guidance, and as I did so those feelings — both physical and emotional — kept falling over me as the words, expressions and sentences continued to pour in.

By the end of the reading my client appeared shocked, happy, and excited to confirm every single detail, even down to the way her late husband had passed in a military plane which had been blown up in the air.

I thought I was crazy and it took a lot of courage to blurt out these answers, and I felt sure I was going to be laughed at, but in all honesty that was back at the time I was still practicing my readings on clients and friends free of charge. In fact this took place during a seminar with a well known Psychic Medium and my client was hoping the teacher would do such a reading for her. She was quite satisfied with the reading and the only problem I had for the rest of the week was avoiding her friends and family — who had joined her at the seminar — from also requesting readings for themselves!

In any case, that is when I learned that at times the psychic, medium, reader, labels…are exactly that, just labels. The most important is being opened to spirit and its messages and being able to connect with pure channels and to receive the accurate honest truth by being ready and connected to an equal “clean” source.

What is the meaning of that? To me that means to connect with my higher consciousness and my master guide, Jesus — to whom I trust and feel is there to guide me, probably because my faith and trust in Him. Daily meditation, intention and prayer and a clear intention to HELP with truth — whether it is through simply informing, or most especially counseling, advising or comforting — is the best way to ensure such a clean source and truthful info.

Another important factor I believe, is being also humble and honest enough to not try to communicate what I do not know, either because I did not get the information or because it is not a definite outcome — which even when directed toward a specific outcome, decisions you make or actions you take can change.

To inform of this possibility is important, as well as to offer genuine angelic or spirit advice on what could be done or which guidance the angels have to share about the acceptance or the prevention of an outcome, when possible and advisable.

Personally, I ask my higher consciousness, but also the angels, for protection and guidance during a reading, as well as my master guide for permission and my own guidance. So do you choose a Psychic, a Medium or both? As long as you choose a genuine, spiritual and honest advisor, you can never go wrong!






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