When Psychic Readings Fail

If you’e reading this, chances are good that you’ve had some experience with psychics and psychic readings.

And if you’ve had more than a few, chances are good that you’ve seen how some predictions pan out while others fail. If you’re wondering why, then this article is for you.

While sometimes it’s a matter of finding the right “fit,” and sometimes it’s about forming a connection that is immediately verifiable, more often than not the odds of your psychic reading failing or succeeding are largely dependent on you.

Some clients want a straight up “yes or no” answer. They come in saying they have a “quick question,” which as often as not turns out to be very complicated.

Some want their psychic to “prove a connection” (and then follow that up with a question that even they don’t know the answer to, which means that a connection is impossible to prove based on those parameters).

And some will ignore certain aspects of a reading and zero in on others, depending on which part fits in with the scenario they want to see play out. Then once it does play out they’ll confabulate on the experience based on whether or not the desired outcome was achieved.

I’ve personally had this happen many times — with a client coming back and telling me what I said in an earlier session that turns out to be largely expounded upon for better or worse.

In truth, no psychic is ever 100 % accurate (and you should be wary of those who claim they are). But aside from that, there are three basic reasons that psychic readings fail:

oda-maeYour “psychic” isn’t really a psychic at all: S/he’s a con artist. This is far more common than many of us realize. Even being in the business myself I had no idea how prevalent it was until I started hearing some of the outrageous claims that are made, and seeing it first-hand on some of the psychic platforms.

Unfortunately not all con artists are as easy to spot as Oda Mae Brown here. Some of them look quite legitimate (especially on the internet where grabbing a fake photo is as easy as 1-2-3).

But they all have certain things in common: portraying themselves as having special powers; asking for outrageous fees for “tools” to meditate, perform healings or cast spells; promoting dependency or using fear tactics to keep you coming back, and so on.

The negative media portrayal of psychics has made it easy for con artists to adopt this kind of persona and trick innocent and unsuspecting clients. The internet and chat-based psychic platforms have made it even easier by bringing them right into your homes.

But there are ways to tell: Although legitimate psychics do charge for their services — just as any professional would be expected to charge for theirs — con artists will charge exorbitant fees, often using bait and switch tactics to get you sucked in in the first place.

They’ll offer a “free” spell only to inform you later that your case is special and requires more extensive work. At which point they’ll ask you for larger and larger sums of money to pay for tools or other items.

They’ll make claims about their abilities that defy logic. They’ll promise to bring your lover back, restore your health, or make you rich. Psychics can’t do this — not even yours.

They’ll scare you into thinking you need their services. They’ll tell you you’ve been cursed or that you (or a loved one) has negative energy around you that only they can clear. This is something a legitimate psychic would never do.

There are many other “tricks of the trade,” from questionable tactics to outright scams. For more information on this, read my article: Getting the Most from Your Psychic Reading.

hiding-from-the-truthYour expectations are unrealistic. Wouldn’t it be nice if a psychic could tell us the names of our soul mates and when / where / how we’d meet them? Or give us test answers / Kentucky Derby winners / lottery numbers? You’re  laughing, right?

You probably wouldn’t believe how many clients think that psychics not only have access to that information, but would be unethical enough to provide it.

Thankfully they’re not. They’re not Magic 8-balls. They’re living, breathing, thinking and feeling human beings who don’t have all the answers, but who’ve devoted themselves to developing their psychic skills and relaying the information they receive to others.

Sure there are psychics who were born “gifted.” But even those are not always right.  And even they must work to develop their skills over time. A real psychic knows that this is a process and that moving past the ego (the part of them and you that wants to believe they’re all-knowing and all-seeing) can deliver much more valuable insights than those who try to shroud themselves in mystery.

Opening your eyes and becoming better versed in what real psychics can do and what real psychic readings can offer will go a long ways toward re-aligning your expectations and enhancing the value of your experience.

You might ask yourself whether you truly want to know the truth about your situation, or are just looking for reassurance. If it’s the latter, how good your psychic makes you feel will determine your level of investment in the outcome. But is that what any of us really want? To be given “good news” even if it’s not real?

Some clients will jump from psychic to psychic — spending thousands of dollars on what may be legitimate predictions but that get discounted because they don’t provide the answers the client is hoping to hear. When they finally find someone who does give them those answers, those are the predictions they hold onto. And if / when they don’t pan out? The client forgets all the readers who told her it wouldn’t pan out in the first place and concludes that all psychics are frauds.

Keep this in mind when seeking out a psychic. There’s a lot of misinformation out there — perpetuated by both the media and by unscrupulous readers — but in the end it’s your life and your pocketbook that are going to be affected, and your best defense will be to educate yourself on what can and cannot be done.


You fail to to take into account your own participation. Some call this “free will” but that’s become such a catch-all excuse for predictions that don’t pan out it might be better to look at it as a lesson in accountability.

Remember that you are an active participant in your own destiny. The steps you take and the decisions you make will absolutely impact on the outcome of your situation.

Your psychic didn’t make your lover leave you (and s/he can’t make them come back.) S/he didn’t cause you to lose your job, make bad financial decisions, or run into a string of bad luck.

But if s/he’s good and if you’re open to the process, s/he can tell you what s/he sees as your best course of action for attracting or restoring the things you wish for in your life.

S/he can also tell you where the trajectory of your current course of action leads. And this is where “free will” comes in. Wouldn’t you like to know if what you’re doing now is not going to lead to the outcome you desire? Especially if there was a clear and better course of action? A good psychic can tell you that. (and no it doesn’t involve shelling out more money for spells or cleansings).

A good psychic will look at you situation and tell you how you can maximize your potential for achieving the outcome you desire. Sometimes there’s just no hope: it’s too far gone or is just not going to happen. In that case your psychic should be honest about this and not try to string you along.

But when it’s not — when the outcome is dependent on your own actions and decisions, your psychic should be able to tell you what you can do to maximize the potential (and minimize the pitfalls). This requires you to believe that you do have choices and that those choices reverberate into outcomes that are ultimately of your own making.

If you believe that your future is set in stone and that what you say or do has no bearing on the outcome, then you might want to explore your reasons for seeking out the services of a psychic in the first place. If you can’t change it, why would you want to know it? You could argue that you “want to be prepared” but by this logic the fact that you were going to a psychic to prepare yourself for a future you couldn’t change anyway would also already be set in stone.

But if on the other hand you’re willing to accept that “outcomes” are largely dependent on actions, then you have a lot more say in how those outcomes play out. This is the most valuable service — in my opinion — your psychic can offer you. A look at your current situation, combined with the tools that are necessary to turn that into the outcome you desire.

This is not to suggest that psychics aren’t capable of seeing things that others can’t see. Some can tap into the collective and pull forth visions and psychic impressions that are literally out of this world. And some are able to name names, outline events and provide uncanny details from your past — through tapping into your own energy — that absolutely defy the laws of chance.

But the value in those — beyond reassuring the client that the psychic is truly tuned in — comes from relaying the information in a way that can then empower their clients to make their own choices.

In the end the odds of your psychic reading succeeding or failing will increase / decrease dramatically depending on your willingness to be a part of the process. Educating yourself and then being open to using the information you receive to make the right choices will go a long ways toward ensuring that your predictions will succeed.


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