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Psychic Medium

I have been blessed in this lifetime to be a Psychic Medium and I have to tell you it has been quite an adventure and a journey. We are all different in how we receive our gifts and in how we are told to use our abilities.

In most cases it’s a beautiful gift given to us by God and to be able to reunite loved ones and to pass messages from the other side and it helps the client to make important decisions about their lives and gives comfort to those that are searching for answers and confirmation that our loved ones are ok and what they are doing and if they wish to communicate.

For me, relaying messages is a very natural and normal occurrence and flows very easily. I’m faced with the client either through phone, live chat, or in person and the information is given to me and then relayed by me and it’s at that time that the urgency to relay is released and that is how I know that either your guides, angels, and loved ones are satisfied with what you need to know for the moment.

It’s a blessing, some clients say to be able to relieve them and to give them hope for their futures and to make them feel better.

Over the years I have had questions from clients wanting to know if it’s ever difficult in relaying messages to people especially if a person doesn’t want to hear a message or if there are times when the messages is not who you think they are for but really for someone else. I know, it sounds very complicated and confusing but the answer to that question is a profound “YES”. It’s at those times when I feel as though this is actually some kind of curse but then in most cases turns into a blessing and a gift.

I will give you an example of what I mean and the names are false but this is a true story and just to go and show you how guides, angels, and yes deceased loved ones get their messages across to those that need to hear it and yes it can take many years for the messages to be released.

I had worked with a woman named Kathy Nicole for many years and then I moved away 25 years ago. She had an aunt Nicole who had crossed over at a very early age from cancer. Kathy was named after her. A few years had passed and I had begun receiving messages from Aunt Nicole who was very concerned about her name sake and I tried to reach out to Kathy Nicole but she would have nothing to do with me. To make a long story short; her aunt stayed with me and tried to get me to communicate with her name sake for so long that it became a haunting.

I left messages, I wrote letters to Kathy saying that her aunt was trying to reach her, her name sake with no response. I told Aunt Nicole that there was nothing more that I could do and believe me I had tried everything and I told her that she was going to have to find another way and to please leave me alone.

Due to the wonderful world of the internet and facebook an old friend from high school found me for our reunion and we caught up on old times and family and friends and we instantly connected just like we never were apart. Believe me when I say this was totally out of the blue. We friended each other and continued to communicate and it was at that time when I asked about her sisters and she told me that both of her sister’s married into the same family, two brothers from the same family and when she told me the last name I all but fainted. Yes, it was Kathy Nicole’s brothers and I was dumbfounded and I told her about Aunt Nicole and she told me that she was not surprised that she didn’t answer me and that she changed and grew cold.

A year later on my friend’s facebook page I saw some very beautiful artwork that her niece (by marriage) had created and it just spoke to me and was exactly what I was looking for. I was laid up in bed for over 6 months with a broken hip and wanted something to sooth me while I was waiting for a hip replacement. I loved it so much I wanted to buy it and would her niece sell it to me. My friend told me that she would sell it to me but at the time my friend was going through so much and I asked if her niece would talk to me directly and my friend said that she was sure that she would. When I saw that her niece was the SAME niece as Kathy Nichol’s (by blood) there again I was absolutely amazed. Her name was NICHOL with the same last name as Kathy.

Fast forwarding here; Nichol and myself became very good friends after I bought her artwork and she was very open to the other side and intuitive herself and so I offered to do a reading for her and with that Kathy’s Aunt Nicole showed up! Here, the messages that Aunt Nicole had for her name sake was NOT Kathy Nichol, it was for Nichol who really was named after Aunt Nichole but I had no way of knowing this because I had no idea that she even existed.

When Kathy ignored me and would not budge, Aunt Nicole found another way to have me connect so that I could get the message across. Kathy was the blood connection and could have saved me a lot of time and heartache but she did not. I was able to relay the messages that this Aunt had and should have been given to her years ago when Nicole was going through a very rough time in her life and these words would have made her life easier.

The moral of the story is this, it’s a wonderful gift to be able to help people and to relay messages but when you can’t find the person it’s intended for it can become a curse but with the help from the other side who do anything within their power to direct you to the right person by using any means possible (as Aunt Nicole did) this then becomes a blessing!




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