That “Old Black Magic” – Turning negative into positive energy

Black Magic

magicpotionsWhat is Black Magic?

  • In some Pagan communities black magic is simply applied magic that is done in a negative manner. Traditionally, Black magic can include but is not limited to:
  • ~Magical workings that impact free will of others
  • ~Magic performed to bring about destruction or harm like with cursing or hexes.
  • ~Magic invoking the spirit realm for a negative purpose
  • ~Magical workings that are baneful and restrict or eliminate the actions of others.

However, black magic doesn’t have the kind of power you may think. The only way you can give black magic any power is if you believe in it. The simple truth is there are only two forces in the universe, Negative and Positive forces, the co-exist. So it’s natural in the nature to create your reality with positive and negative thoughts.

Turning negative energy around

If you feel you’ve been having an incredible amount of bad luck that goes beyond mere coincidence, chances are some of the negative vibrations around you may be causing you to feel that someone has cast some sort of spell on you. Or you may be feeling like the world is against you and you just don’t know where to turn or how to change your luck into something more positive and joyful. Here are a few steps to strengthen your soul and turn those negative energies into positive ones.

Arm yourself with a strong spirit

The natural defenses that ward off any bad vibes or black magic are within you. You always have the power. There is no outside power that can throw you into the pits of hell or despair. Thoughts do that. If you feel others are against you, or are being attacked, there are ways to protect yourself from that as well. The best way to protect yourself is through meditation. Believe it or not this is your greatest defense against any bad thought that may come your way from another direction. Meditation is actually prevention against black magic or negative energy. It is also important that you regularly cleanse your aura and protect your chakras (your body’s major energy vortexes). Cleansing your aura requires visualization. Where you visualize each chakra and sparkle it up in your mind. You can do this by seeing a psychic healer, or by learning to do it yourself. Either way, consider it part of your regular “maintenance” routine.


Salt is a mineral of the earth that has long been hailed for its cleansing and purifying properties. Just like it can slow down bacteria from rotting your food or pickle your vegetables to protect them from rot, salt can also make an effective barrier against black magic. In some fantasy movies you find people making a circle of salt around themselves for protection. While this is certainly effective, it’s just not practical unless you plan to spend your days sitting in that circle. The good news is that salt doesn’t have to be in the form of a circle to protect you—you can sprinkle it around the entire perimeter of your home and it will have the same effect. Any time you are home, you’ll know you’re safe.

Get an Amulet

Amulets are protective objects that you can carry with you. While you have them in your possession, they can repel black magic and malevolent beings. Some possible amulets to consider include religious medals, religious symbols, crystals or herb pouches. There are too many different types of amulets here to mention, but the important thing is that you believe in its power.

Laugh It Off

Black magic is no joke, but sometimes you have to treat it like one. Magic is energy, and so is joy and laughter. They are opposing energies; when they clash, the one can neutralize the other. Granted this does not work with all black magic, but if you feel the effects of something you suspect may be black magic it is worth a try. Have a good laugh at the expense of the spell and spell caster. It might dispel your problem right then and there.

Mirror Spells

When all else fails, a mirror spell turns black magic back towards the caster. Mirror magic involves leaving a black candle lit in front of a mirror all night long in your room. Black absorbs energy, particularly negative energy. The mirror will redirect the residuals back from whence they came. One important thing is not to look at your own reflection in the mirror while the candle is burning—so face it toward a wall or corner that people don’t usually walk by. Blow out the candle and bury the remnants, then put the mirror away until you can cleanse it with salt water or sage incense.

The only real difference between black magic and white magic is intent—it’s the same kind of magic, but white magic is accomplished with the intent to do good things and help others. Black magic is aimed at someone for the sole purpose of doing harm. No matter what the intent, magic is energy sent to you with a purpose behind it. If you’re worried that purpose is anything less than friendly, you need to stop it in its tracks.

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