Online Affairs, Cheating or Innocent

Online affairs, is it really cheating or just innocent conversations? I guess it depends on who you ask.

For me, I believe it’s a form of cheating but not everyone would agree. Of course, if you are the one having the online affairs, I’m sure you might say it’s just innocent conversation.

There are always two sides to every story, let’s explore both and see what you think.

According to Wikipedia, the definition for an affair is: An affair is a sexual relationship, romantic friendship, or passionate attachment between two people without the attached person’s significant other knowing.

If you are sharing those things with another person online, then in my personal opinion, you are cheating on your partner.

I often hear people explain it isn’t an affair because we have never actually had physical contact. That may be one way to look at it, and if there is not real romantic attachment, then it can be called just an online friendship. Although I think one should ask themselves why they would need to keep a friendship a secret from their partner.

Of course, as in any affair, you will always have the usual excuses. My partner doesn’t understand me, they don’t spend time with me, they don’t give me enough affection or a lot of other reasons. Now, I’m not saying these things don’t happen in relationships, but going outside the relationship isn’t really a way to fix the problems.

Online affairs can be dangerous for many reasons. They are really cheating if you are having intimate conversations with another person.

A more important danger is you are communicating, telling your private thoughts to a stranger.

Yes, they might send you pictures, tell you a lot of information about themselves, but how can you really be sure what they are saying and doing is the truth.

There are a lot of stories online and in the news about people being cat-fished all the time. This type of person will prey on people that come across as lonely or in a problematic relationship. If you are saying that can’t happen to me, I’m too smart for that, think again because it does happen to people just like you.

Another danger that is often reported with online affairs is the person you might be talking with thinks it’s a real relationship. They become attached with real feelings for you, yet you are just looking for a little fun.

While you might think you are remaining hidden behind a computer screen, they may be willing to track you down in real life. You may have thought it was an easy secret you could keep from your partner, but it could blow up your life.

Here is my question to you. Are you willing to lose a real relationship, even if it needs work, for someone you might never meet in person? Are you willing to throw it all away on someone that might not even be real? Only you can decide and answer these questions.

My advice is be careful what you think might be a hidden secret could end up being a big mistake. Now don’t even get me started on sexting, that’s another whole article.


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