Numerology Card of the Week — Patience

2The Numerology Card of the Week

for Dec 3rd  to Dec 9 , 2016

Number 2 ~ Patience. This card indicates a time to stop and enjoy the present moment, as nothing more can be done to achieve the outcome you desire.

Rather than take action, you are being asked to evaluate your progress and clarify your dreams, which will help you manifest them sooner.

This card also indicates a need to take your time and pace yourself instead of making hasty plans and decisions.  Failure to do so could result in stress and disappointment.

This is an opportunity to focus all your energy and attention on visualizing your dreams, as opposed to pushing against the obstacles standing in your way.

Surrender the outcome to the Universe and get on with living your life.  Allow things to come to fruition in Divine order and timing.


In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life – cycles that are encouraging you to be patient and still.  Stillness is the key to receiving clear and accurate guidance, and patience will help you attract the outcome you desire.

Affirmation:  I patiently trust, and surrender the outcome to the Divine.

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