Free New Moon Card Reading: Results

As promised — here are the results for the Free New Moon Card Reading that was posted on June 12th.

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The results for this month’s 8 cards are posted below.

These cards reveal your specific message for the June New Moon — at 25° Gemini 07′ — that occurs on Tuesday June 16, 2015.

We’ll do this again next month, prior to the Cancer New Moon on July 16th.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is: “Frost-Covered Trees Against Winter Skies.” It refers to finding yourself through nature and solitude. It speaks of leaving the past behind and embracing the beauty and perfection of your environment.

The following 8 cards were selected to represent eight different areas of focus. They’re are also loosely connected to the eight phases of the Moon.

Here are the interpretations for each of the positions, starting with card 1:


Card 1 — First Quarter Moon: If you picked this card, the energy of the First Quarter Moon is going to resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This is going to be a period of moving away from “crisis in consciousness” and moving toward peace and tranquility.

You may be looking for a personal sanctuary during this time, wanting to commune with nature and feeling the urge to get away from all the noise and distractions that have contributed to the chaos in your life.

This is a time for stopping and smelling the flowers, as well as planting a few seeds of your own. It’s a time for creating beauty in your own environment and forging your own path.

Every step you take and every breath you make during this cycle gets you one step closer to your destination. So the question is whether you see yourself on the right path and whether you’re willing to trust what’s on the other side.

The First Quarter Moon is a risk-taker Moon, but those risks generally stem from internal crises. The need for change is rooted in discomfort, which manifests as a desire to shake things up.

Take some time during this cycle to go off by yourself, reconnect with your environment and map out your destiny.


Card 2 — Gibbous Moon: If you picked this card, the energy of the Gibbous Moon is going to resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This Moon is associated with looking at things with a discerning eye and figuring out ways to turn it into perfection.

The Gibbous Moon can get so caught up in tiny details that it needs a reminder now and then to step back and see the bigger picture.

Every color in this rainbow, every drop of sunlight reflected in the clouds and every ripple in the pond contains its own measure of perfection. But unless you step back and view it as a whole, you could miss out on this stunning panorama.

The Gibbous Moon sees themes and patterns in nature that the rest of us ignore. It ascribes meaning to seemingly random events. A rainbow reflected in a pool is never just a rainbow reflected in a pool: the Gibbous Moon person sees it as a message that needs to be heard.

The Gibbous Moon is almost full and therefore filled with anticipation. It’s refining, perfecting and preparing for whatever is in store. While you do want to be working on yourself this cycle, you want your focus to be on what’s right with this picture rather than what’s wrong. Seeing the bigger picture will get you one step closer toward the end of that rainbow and ultimately your goals.


Card 3 — Full Moon: If you picked this card, the energy of the Full Moon is going to resonate with you during this lunar cycle. The Full Moon is all about restoring the equilibrium in your life and finding balance between head and heart.

Nowhere is the Hermetic axiom of “As above, so below; as within, so without” more relevant than it is with this lunar phase. It speaks of seeing how your inner world is reflected outwardly and vice versa.

The Full Moon is all about gaining perspective and addressing your own role in whatever your life circumstances might be. There’s no room for blaming or rationalizing anything here. It’s important to take ownership of what’s not right in your world, as well as what is.

As we begin this New Moon cycle, you want to reflect on where you want to be as it increases in light. While you might not make much headway in the next two weeks (when the Moon becomes full), you will be given the opportunity at that time to asses your progress.

The energy you put out into the Universe now will reverberate endlessly, like the ripples in this pond. Even if your goals right now seem impossibly far away, the actions you take and the efforts you make now will also increase in size as they are reflected right back to you over time.


Card 4 — Balsamic Moon:  If you picked this card, the energy of the Balsamic Moon is going to resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This Moon is the last lunar phase before the Moon turns completely dark and starts its cycle all over again.

The Balsamic Moon is perceptive and intuitive. It relies on instinct rather than analysis, and feelings rather than facts. It absorbs the energy around it — both positive and negative — and can therefore be somewhat fragile. It can also be lacking in boundaries.

This is an old soul energy that is highly impressionable. It thrives in the realm of the unconscious and is able to bridge the gap between past and present. It soaks up feelings and emotions (the water in this card) as it raises its face to the Sun.

This is a time for developing your psychic abilities and paying attention to your dreams. It’s also good for completing projects, tying up loose ends, and putting the past behind you. It’s compassionate, understanding and forgiving.

You may find yourself turning inward during this time and reflecting on your soul’s evolutionary path. As you prepare to embark on a new cycle, now is the time to put to rest whatever in your life is no longer sustaining you.

monkeysCard 5 — New Moon:  If you picked this card, the energy of the New Moon is going to resonate with you during this lunar cycle.

This cycle is not only about gaining a new perspective, it’s also about embracing life and approaching it with the kind of joyful reverie that may have been sorely lacking for you in recent weeks.

The New Moon phase is very much alive. Everything seems fresh and new and each experience brings with it something you hadn’t paid attention to before. It’s a time for laughter and gaiety, playfulness, spontaneity and companionship.

This is also a time for lifting others up rather than tearing them down. Supporting those you are close to, and knowing that they have your back as well. It’s a time for expressing your feelings with the passion and honesty, while throwing caution and doubt to the wind.

The New Moon phase is all about turning over a new leaf. It’s about fresh starts and new beginnings. Just like today’s New Moon in Gemini, which also conjuncts Mars.

This is a highly creative and expressive energy. The Sun, Moon, Mars conjunction encourages you to sing, dance, play and express your own unique individuality as only you can do.


Card 6 — Disseminating Moon: If you picked this card, the energy of the Disseminating Moon is going to resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This phase is both a teacher and a student, taking in information and then passing it on to others.

You want to be thinking about making a distinction between the two during this cycle. Are you a student or are you a teacher? And is it time to to start sharing the information you’ve acquired with those who could benefit from it?

There’s a flow of energy that passes through you, and then moves off in different directions as it’s absorbed by others. You may not even realize how much impact your wisdom has on those around you, even in the most casual encounters.

Much like the waterfall image in this card, there are multiple avenues and directions the energy you put out there can take. The falls split off into several different directions, yet all eventually lead to the same pool. This is the collective unconscious.

What is it you have to say that hasn’t been said? What lessons have you learned that are worth sharing with others? The Disseminating Moon phase is all about spreading your message, even if you don’t always see it as valuable.


Card 7 — Crescent Moon: If you picked this card, the energy of the Crescent Moon will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This is the “Leap of Faith” Moon and speaks of a spiritual emergence.

The woman in this card has no idea what she’s jumping into. Her eyes are fixed on the Heavens as she leaps into the abyss. This is the energy you want to take with you this cycle; one of trust in the Universe and faith in your own process.

The Crescent Moon phase is the first phase after the New Moon, and as such it’s all about the process of “becoming.” Where the New Moon is associated with the present and living in the now, this phase is associated with breaking through whatever barriers you encounter and leaping into the future.

This phase provides you an opportunity to shed your inhibitions and fears, and ultimately reinvent yourself. You have a great deal of say in how the new “you” emerges, but not until you’ve broken free from the chains that bind you.

The Crescent Moon phase sometimes has difficulty getting started, but once in motion there’s no stopping it. You want to carry this energy with you during this cycle, as the momentum you gather along the way can see you soaring to great heights.


Card 8 — Last Quarter Moon: If you picked this card, the energy of the Last Quarter Moon will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This marks a period of seeing where you fit in in the outer word and what contributions you’re making to society.

This is not the time for isolating or avoiding social invitations. It’s a time for immersing yourself in the world at large, whether that be through your profession or through your interactions with others.

The Last Quarter Moon is referred to as “crisis in action.” And just like the name implies, it’s not always easy. It refers to a call to take part in something bigger than yourself, while still finding a way to make your mark on the world.

This phase is also associated with the need to make adjustments in your life. It affords the opportunity to see the bigger picture with the utmost clarity. You may be at a personal or professional crossroads and if so now is the time to make the appropriate changes.

You may also be confronted during this time with a much needed reality check. What you once thought was important in the dark of night takes on a whole new meaning when looked at in the light of day. But this is the very thing that will get you moving in the right direction and ultimately toward finding your place in the world.


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