Leo New Moon Card Reading: Results

As promised — here are the results for the Leo New Moon Card Reading that was posted on July 29th.

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This month’s results are posted below. These cards reveal your specific message for the Leo New Moon that takes place on Tuesday, August 2nd at 21:44 UT (4:44pm EDT).

This New Moon occurs at 10° Leo 57, in trine to Saturn and inconjunct to Neptune.

The following cards represent nine different areas of focus. They’re also tied to the Moon’s conjunction to the planets on the day of the New Moon or as she moves through her 28-day lunar cycle.

Because there is also a Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) in August, and because Mercury turns retrograde later in the month, these placements were also included. Symbols that have been used in past months have not been included here.

Here are the interpretations for each of the positions, starting with card 1:

front-1Card 1 — New Moon

If you picked this card, the energy of the Sun conjunct Moon (New Moon) will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on August 2nd at the 11th degree of Leo.

The New Moon each month brings an opportunity to start new, and this month with it falling in Leo — the sign associated with warmth, vitality, personality and creative self-expression — the emphasis is on revelling in the moment, embracing life to the fullest, and setting your worries aside long enough to bask in the light of the day.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: “Children on a swing in a huge oak tree.

This symbol brings together the concepts of innocence, joyfulness and play, under the protective umbrella of safety and security. It serves as an incentive for those of us who’ve have forgotten the importance of approaching life with the youthful exuberance of a child.

It speaks of trusting in the Universe, knowing that in doing so you’ll be shielded from harm’s way.

This month may find you starting a new project or getting ready to embark on a grand new adventure. It’s a time for throwing caution to the wind and for allowing yourself to fully embrace all that life has to offer without worry or fear.

front-2Card 2 — Moon conjunct Venus

If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Venus will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on August 4th at the 29th degree of Leo.

This degree is also conjunct the fixed star Regulus — the “Heart of the Lion” — which is one of the four Royal stars. It’s prominent in the charts of Kings and Queens and is associated with both fame and infamy.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: “A mermaid emerges from the ocean.

This symbol speaks of moving effortlessly between the depths of emotions and the collective unconscious and the realm of tangible material things.

It represents being in touch with your feelings, with your feminine, receptive, emotional side while at the same time prepared to tackle the world at large.

The Venus / Moon conjunction speaks of opening your heart to the prospect of love, beauty, romance and affection.

You may feel at times this month that you’re caught between two worlds. The realm of emotions (the ocean) and the realm of tangible physical experience (the seal). The key with this card (and this transit) is to transcend the boundaries that may limit your experience and embrace all facets of experience.


leo-front-3Card 3 — New Moon / Mercury

If you picked this card, the energy of the New Moon and Mercury will resonate with you during this cycle, as this card represents the position of Mercury on the day of the New Moon.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree — the 5th degree of Virgo — is: “A man dreaming of Fairies.”

This symbol speaks of tapping into psychic realms and inviting a touch of magic into your existence. With respect to the conjunction to Mercury, it can bring in vivid and meaningful insights that rise up from the unconscious (dreams) and manifest in your waking moments.

The Moon / Mercury conjunction refers to an insatiable thirst for knowledge and an ability to impart both guidance and wisdom to others. It’s capable of listening as well as speaking and gathering information for later use.

This aspect is curious, observant and insightful. It’s capable of seeing things that others cannot see. (Like Fairies!) Its unique vantage point allows it to rise above petty grievances and broaden its perspective.

This is an introspective cycle focused on learning and sharing what you’ve learned with others. It’s a good time to study, counsel and grow. Pay attention to your dreams this month, and don’t forget to allow a little magic into your life!


front-4Card 4 — New Moon / Jupiter

If you picked this card, the energy of the New Moon and Jupiter will resonate with you during this cycle, as this card represents the position of Jupiter on the day of the New Moon.

The Sabian symbol for this — the 23rd degree of Virgo — is: “A lion tamer rushes fearlessly into the ring.

The Moon / Jupiter cycle is first and foremost about expanding your horizons. It’s about stepping outside your comfort zone and exploring unchartered territories. It’s about finding inspiration in the world around you and being an inspiration to others.

You may feel the urge to travel during this cycle or embark on a new area of study. It’s a good time to learn a new language, immerse yourself in a foreign culture or embrace a new way of thinking.

But what about rushing fearlessly into the unknown? The lion tamer in this card is not only showing you how to move past your fears but to embrace them with love and affection.

Keep this in mind this month as you activate this Moon / Jupiter energy. Rushing fearlessly into something that may have terrified you in your younger days doesn’t mean you should be foolhardy. Finding the perfect balance between courage and caution will get you much further in the end.



Card 5 — Moon conjunct Mars

If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Mars will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on August 12th at the 4th degree of Sagittarius.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A little child learning to walk.” This symbol fits the Mars archetype with respect to its need to push past its fears, try something new and master whatever challenges come its way.

In general, the Moon / Mars conjunction is all about energy, action and adventure. It’s about being on the verge of something new and exciting, knowing that the anticipation is just as exhilarating as the adventure itself.

This aspect speaks of feeling vibrant and alive. It’s daring and bold, ready to take charge and go after your heart’s desires.

The Moon / Mars conjunction is known for its impatience and recklessness. So you want to temper some of your enthusiasm with some good old-fashioned common sense. But as long as you’re ready to put your heart on the line, you can expect that door to be opened and for love to be waiting on the other side.

This month you want to work on facing your fears and exploring the most sacred realms of your unconscious emotions and yearnings. This aspect represents a period of transformation and liberation. It’s a time of undergoing great personal change — physically, emotionally and spiritually.


front-6Card 6 — Moon conjunct Saturn

If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Saturn will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on August 12th and the 10th degree of Sagittarius.

This is the degree that Saturn turns direct (one day later) and is also conjunct the fixed star Antares — the “Heart of the Scorpion” — which is another one of the four Royal Stars. Antares (whose name means “anti-aries”) is known as the Watcher of the West, in the Scorpio constellation.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is: “A stage symbolization of the “goddess of opportunity.”

It represents an understanding that all the world is a stage and that each of us is capable of writing (and starring in) our own production.

The Moon / Saturn conjunction understands that life really is what you make it, and that while you may not be re-write the past, you will still have opportunities to recreate your future. This aspect reminds you that every moment represents progress and brings you a step closer to your aspirations.

You may receive unexpected accolades this month, or be in line for a well-earned promotion. If you chose this symbol, you can expect to be recognized for your efforts and that there are bound to be opportunities for you to show the rest of the world what you’re made of.



Card 7 — Saturn direct and Venus

If you picked this card, the energy of Saturn turning direct and squaring Venus. This aspect occurs August 13th with Venus at the 10th degree of Virgo. This is also the degree of next month’s Solar Eclipse.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is “Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows.”

This symbol refers to the opportunity to look at things from a different viewpoint, allowing you to step out from the shadows of confusion and uncertainty toward clarity and perspective.

There may be a meeting of the minds for you this month between you and someone you’ve been at odds with (Venus square Saturn). Or you may find that bouncing your ideas off of another gives you the answers you’ve been seeking.

Ask yourself, what have you been hiding from or keeping to yourself, that you’re now ready to unveil for the rest of the world? Saturn can be timid and inhibited, while Venus in Virgo can be so focused on perfection that it never feels quite good enough.

The challenge with this aspect is knowing that the time is right to release your fears and to come out from hiding. This card reminds you there are always like-minded people who can guide and support you, and who are going to be there to lend you a helping hand.


front-8Card 8 — Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

If you picked this card, the energy of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This occurs on August 18th with the Sun at 25° Leo 51′.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: “As light breaks through the clouds, a perfect rainbow forms.

This symbol speaks of finding more than a silver lining in the events that have clouded your world in recent days. It speaks of finding the meaning — and the hope that things are going to turn around for the better — through the storms that has passed.

With respect to the Lunar Eclipse, a similar phenomenon occurs. The light of the full moon is temporarily blocked out, and as the shadow of the earth moves on, the light begins to re-emerge.”

“Out of the darkness comes the light” it is said. And each time a rainbow appears, we stop what we’re doing and gaze at them in awe. We find both comfort and illumination in them, as a symbol of inspiration.

Keep this in mind this month when you reflect back over the hard times that have passed. A rainbow appearing above the clouds tells us that the storms have passed and that brighter days are ahead.


front-9Card 9 — Mercury turning Retrograde

If you choose this card, the energy of the the upcoming Mercury retrograde on August 31st will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. Mercury turns retrograde on the last (30th) degree of Virgo.

For this reason, Mercury will be in Virgo — the sign it co-rules with Gemini — for almost 2-1/2 months (in contrast to its normal 14-28 days).

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “Having an urgent task to complete, a man doesn’t look to any Distractions.”

This is an interesting symbol for this placement, considering that Mercury retrograde is famous for creating sidetracks and distractions.

But the image chosen to represent this symbol depicts Saint Jerome laboring over the translations of the Vulgate (Latin version of the Bible), which took him 30 years to complete. This is fitting of Mercury’s lengthy transit through Virgo, and of course St. Jerome had many diversions — some of the life-alteringly favorable — during that 30-year period.

This month you want to focus on your priorities and not allow mindless diversion to veer you too far off course. Remember that Mercury retrograde isn’t necessarily “bad,” just unexpected. Keep your mind on the task at hand and be open to potential pitfalls as they may turn out to be blessings in disguise.






about_sabian-oracleAre you interested in learning more about the Sabian Symbols? I highly recommend Lynda Hill’s website Sabian Symbols, as well as her book on the subject: The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom.

This book is phenomenal and represents a vast amount of research as well as Lynda’s unique take on each of the symbols. Lynda is a professional astrologer with over 30-years experience and a global clientele.

The Sabian Symbols were developed in 1925 when a clairvoyant medium (Elsie Wheeler) and an astrologer (Marc Edmund Jones) received messages from the world of spirit for every degree of the zodiac.

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