Ask a Psychic: How Can I Enhance the Positive Energy in My Life?

Spiritual Path

This week’s question comes from a client who’s become increasingly aware of the role that each of us play in creating the lives that we desire.

She’s begun to follow her own spiritual path; immersing herself in various metaphysical studies and opening up to spiritual teachings on-line and in her community.

She’s been inspired and encouraged by the results she’s already achieved. But she also feels that she could be doing something more.

She’s looking for greater meaning in her life and also wants to use what she’s learned to help others.

What if Money Were No Object?

Alan Watts, the philosopher of the 60s and 70s explains, in a short and beautiful way, what you can become or what you can do if money were no object.

But even more importantly how to live life with freedom from the constraints that society places on us.

Watts, who died in 1973, helped explain Eastern philosophy and approaches to life and being in a way that Westerners like me can understand.

His work endures today in his writings and videos that his son, Mark Watts, has preserved and shares with the world.

Better than “The Secret” this video is perfect for people who can take 10 minute break from there life and listen to Watt’s three minute talk on the subject and the incredible meditational music played by Niraj Naik.

Mastering the Art of Manifestation


Did you know that the greatest gift you have been given is your imagination?

Everything that now exists was once imagined or thought of.

In this  hour long video, Dr. Wayne Dyer explains that Law of Attraction is just a fragment of the puzzle, that the real secret is connecting to that quiet place, that place of space where everything is possible.

It may sound hard to do but it isn’t. I recently stayed up to watch one of Dr. Wayne Dyers talks on Youtube.

This talk, “Mastering the Art of Manifesting” was from his Wanderlust Festival Speakeasy appearance in Squaw Valley 2012. The Youtube video was posted a year later.

Dr. Dyer is now 74-years old and has conquered leukemia with Brickman yoga and healings from John of God.

Attract Anything with a Wishing Bundle


True mystics know that the “law of attraction”, which became so popular with the DVD “The Secret” has been practiced for centuries.

The “law of attraction” is just a scientific way for doing what ancient sages called “magic.”

The movie, “The Secret,” discusses how to manifest things in your life by using a vision board. However, in the old days, and even now, wise women and men create a  wishing bundle to help them manifest their desires.

The bundle has the same concept as a vision board, but can be even more powerful because it requires you put a bit more effort into it. The tradition of making a wishing bundle is hundreds of years old. All you have to do is gather items associated with your wish.