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james-masters-hsHello — My name is James Masters.

I began my professional psychic and energy healing practice over 10 years ago. I started out providing readings alongside my teacher and mentors.

At that time I did not use tools, however over the years as I learned new techniques I found that the use of tools within a session can provide intrinsic value to my clients.

At this point in my life I would probably say that I “specialize” in love readings. In my experience as a reader spirit often sends me clients that ask relationship oriented questions.

About 85% of my readings are related to the love dynamic in some way. However I have also done several financial and business readings throughout my career.

In most sessions I use Tarot cards to assist in the reading process. I will also channel messages from my guides to assist during the readings. I am always confident that Spirit will speak, so I will address any questions that are brought up during a session. However, I do not do medical intuitive readings online, and even though I do practice Reiki, I have found it is best for my clients to find a Reiki master near them so they can achieve the benefits of the hands on approach to energy healing.

Energy Reading: If a client is interested in an energy reading I would be glad to accommodate. I do provide auric reading and akashic record readings on request. These types of readings can often be very healing for the clients, and can assist them in gaining momentum for their personal journey.


During my early years I was able to travel around giving messages from Spirit in churches, conferences, and seminars. After doing this for some time I felt that I wanted to continue on my spiritual and healing path and became an ordained minister. It did not take long for me to realize I prefer one on one sessions with clients rather than having a congregation, so I returned to my roots as a psychic intuitive & spiritual advisor.

When I do a reading I often use Tarot cards or lithomancy to confirm what I am sensing about a client’s situation. There are many methods of reading cards, however I have found that the most effective methodology for me is to use the cards to confirm the information I am receiving from Spirit.

I also do energy readings or chakra readings to ascertain a specific karmic course my client is taking. Lithomancy, a type of Cleromancy, utilizes crystals to channel Spirit. Crystals have a specific matrix energy and aura to them, when you use crystals together for reading purposes these energies create patterns that can be interpreted by through the channeling of the Holy Spirit, angelic realms, or guides.

I have helped thousands of clients using Reiki. I classify this type of session as “energy work,” and include Spirit based guidance during Reiki sessions. In these sessions I work with angels and spirit guides to help assist in bringing energy into balance for clients.

During my Reiki training I began tapping into auric energy that surrounds clients. Along with reiki I offer aura readings. During an aura reading I help clients understand their energy body, how energies affect life experiences, review strategies to achieve goals and unblock stuck energy.

I have found that aura reading can often be one of the most effective tools to identify the energy that exists in relationships. It gives clients insight into the energy in the situation and helps them develop strategies to achieve relationship goals more effectively.

I do my best to blend techniques from several traditions to provide insight to my clients & to ensure a custom session suited to their individual needs.









The most cost effective way to have a session with me is to schedule a time to meet with me.  You can use the “schedule” button below to select a service and schedule a time with me.  Once you have scheduled your appointment you will receive a Paypal invoice for the appointment, and pay with your Paypal Account or any major credit card.  Depending on the type of reading you have selected, you may also receive other materials that will bring long term value to your reading experience.

Service Descriptions

The general readings are Tarot and channeling services and are available in blocks of 15, 30, and 50 minutes.  If you have specific questions that you want to address during a session, this is your best option.

The Chakra/Auric reading is an energy reading.  If you have been feeling down or blocked, this is a wonderful way to reconnect and feel more engaged with life.  In this type of session we will go over the dynamics of your energy body, indicate where you may need more alignment.  I also do distance Reiki during this type of session to assist you in coming into greater alignment.  During these sessions Spirit also offers long term solutions to help you get “unblocked” and back into the flow of life.

The Akashic Record reading is the most extensive reading that I have.  It is best to schedule this session at least three days before the session, and before the session I will be sure to send you information on how to prepare for the session.  During an Akashic record reading we will go deep into your soul journey and life purpose.  Akashic record readings can often times be very healing for the individual getting the reading, and afterwards individuals find they have more zeal and direction in life.

Please also visit my website School of Insight.

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I look forward to speaking with you!

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