How to Get the Most out of a Reading

Before you get a reading from someone, do a reading for yourself, or tune into your own intuitive wisdom, it’s important to prepare yourself so the experience can give you helpful information. It’s equally important to be able to absorb the information in a usable and healthy way that ultimately benefits you. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your intuitive experience: 
*Come with a clear head
Approach your reading when you’re calm because heightened emotions of any kind make it hard to connect intuitively or focus on the information you get. 
*Be open minded 
Ask yourself if you’re scared to take an honest look at your situation and just want reassurance instead of the truth.   If you’re afraid you can’t deal with certain answers, ask intuitive guidance to show you how to open up.  Remember, seeing things clearly will help you make positive changes in your life!  You’ll get more out of your reading if you’re receptive to information that might be different than your present “story” or expectations.

 *Ask good questions
A clearly formed question helps you frame and use the information you get. Of course, the best questions result in answers that encourage your taking an active role in your life.  If you make yourself the object of your questions, you keep your empowerment.   For example, instead of asking how to change someone else or how to change a situation, focus on how you can design your own thoughts and choices.   Avoid focusing on absolutes or yes/no type questions because they won’t give you the big picture.  
*Find a theme to focus on
If you don’t have a specific question, ask yourself, “What’s bothering me the most right now?”   Whatever that is, it will be the framework for the information you get.  Instead of a general reading, focus on a theme like love, family or what you need most for your growth.
*The time is now
 Forget about when things might happen. If timing is important, it will come out in your intuitive session but not always.   You have the ability to make choices that will alter your course and so does everyone else around you. It’s better to know what your options are because  when doesn’t tell you very much and it makes you wait instead of CREATE.
After your session, write down the information that you got and notice your feelings and impressions.  This will help you solidify the link between intuition and action 
*Absorb the info
Take some time to reflect on what you received after your session has ended. Many clients report that their awareness deepens long after their reading has taken place.  You might see more and more examples of what intuition showed you, or you might see correlations you didn’t see before.  
* Avoid asking again … and again!
Sometimes when we get intuitive information, we doubt the answer or we want to ask new questions to get an answer we like better.  Asking lots of  readers in one day, or pulling card after card will only  confuse you and defeat the purpose of a reading;  your empowerment!    If you find yourself returning to the same topics over and over, then you’re waiting on something outside yourself. Try asking questions about what your own role is.  
Here are some examples of how to ask empowering questions of intuitive guidance: 
Instead of:       “What is my husband doing?”    you could ask,  “How can I relate to my husband and improve my communication with him?” 
Instead of:       ” Should I take the job?”    you could ask,     “What choices do I have in this situation, what do I need to know that I’m not seeing?”  or “Show me what to consider in order to make the best choice.”
Instead of:        “When is a true love coming?”   you could ask,   “Show me how to open up to relationship and create the best circumstances for meeting a partner.”
Instead of:        “Will the interview go well?”     you could ask,  “How can I bring my A-game to this interview? What would help me do my best in my interview?” 

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