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gg2Welcome to my page. I am JuliAnne, a full time Astrologer, Tarot and Lenormand card reader. I combine those disciplines with my intuitive ability to give you insight.

I have close to 30 years experience and have advised thousands both in person at my office as well as on the net. I am down to earth, pragmatic and will not paint you a blissful picture if that is not what I am being shown. There is always a reason for what you are experiencing in life, and we can explore those things and help you get to where you need to be, not necessarily what you want at the moment of your call!

My specialty is Horary Astrology. This branch of astrology deals with specific questions that can be answered with high accuracy, as well as timing, by casting a chart for the time the question is asked. I also am proficient in natal and predictive astrology.

For those who are under the impression that an astrology consult will consist of me talking to you about your Sun sign, think again. True astrologers can not only tell you about YOU, they can also pick up what is going on in your life for ANY given year or time frame. There is more than just the Sun in your chart, and a consult with me will have you wondering why you may have written off an astrology reading thinking it would be like reading your daily horoscope out of the newspaper!

I also read tarot and Lenormand cards. Most are familiar with the Tarot, a deck of 78 cards that can give you insightful messages about your life and the questions you may have on your mind. Lenormand is a bit different. It is a deck of 36 cards that are read more literally, as they all have a distinct meaning and the cards are strung together to form a story.

These cards have pictures just as the Tarot does, but, we do not read into them creatively as Tarot is done. This deck and form of reading to me can get to the heart of the matter much faster and more succinctly at times than Tarot can.

I can answer most any question you may have, but, it is always wise to follow Doctor, Lawyer or Financial professional advice and use readings as an adjunct.

I studied astrology under the late great Sophia Mason. She sponsored me into the AFA, which I am a Research Member of. I also belong to AFAN, NCGR and CRF (Cosmobiology Research Foundation).

I hope you enjoy the articles I provide here and it confirms I would be the right reader for you! I look forward to making your acquaintance and giving you guidance!




I am available for phone or chat readings by appointment, at your convenience. Please email me to schedule an appointment or chat with me now!

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