Gemini New Moon Card Reading: Results

As promised — here are the results for the Gemini New Moon Card Reading that was posted on June 3rd.

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This month’s results are posted below. These cards reveal your specific message for the Gemini New Moon that takes place on Sunday June 5th at 3:59 UT (or June 4th at 10:59pm EDT).

This New Moon occurs at 14° Gemini 53′. It’s part of a grand cross involving 6 planets — the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune — all in mutual signs. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: “Two Dutch Children Talking.”

The following cards represent nine different areas of focus. They’re also tied to the Moon’s conjunction to the planets as she moves through her 28-day lunar cycle.

As Moon / Venus conjunctions occur on either side of this New Moon, there is no Moon / Venus conjunction during this cycle. Therefore, it was not included here.

Here are the interpretations for each of the positions, starting with card 1:

card-1Card 1 — Moon conjunct Jupiter

If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Jupiter will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on June 11th at 15° Virgo′.

The Moon / Jupiter conjunction in Virgo is associated with being of service to others. This archetype is analytical, proficient, meticulous and precise. It’s also generally moralistic and highly-principled. It fits very well with this degree’s Sabian Symbol, which is “A Fine Lace Ornamental Handkerchief.”

There’s a nostalgic, sentimental quality to this symbol. It speaks of delicacy and refinement, beauty, grace, charm and elegance. But the emphasis on perfection and attention to detail is also evident here.

You may find yourself involved in a project this month that requires intense focus and concentration. Or because Virgo is also associated with self-improvement, you might be making changes to your physical appearance, your attitudes, or your belief systems. This is a good time to evaluate the changes you want to make in your own life and get to work on making them.

From a symbolic perspective, this card speaks of cultural refinement and enrichment. It speaks of developing skills that you may not have even known you had. And it speaks of taking pride in your work and your ability to be there for others.


card-2Card 2 — Moon conjunct North Node Rx

If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct the North Node will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on June 11th at 18° Virgo.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: “Two Girls Playing with a Ouija Board.” This symbol refers to the ability to tap into other realms of consciousness; to decipher symbols and hidden meanings and to access your own psychic abilities.

It represents immersing yourself into esoteric studies. learning and studies — whether this is in a formal setting or comes about as an urge to gain a deeper understanding of something that inspires you.

With respect to the Moon / North Node conjunction. remember that the Nodes are always in opposition to one another, so this aspect automatically opposes the South Node.

This signals a need to put the past behind you and to place some distance between where you’re heading and what you’re leaving behind. With respect to the image in this card, there may be a desire to reconnect with those from your past or to get answers that can provide closure.

As the Nodes are naturally retrograde you may need to resolve some issues from your past before you can move forward. The South Node is tied to past life karma and the challenges that you’re bringing forward into this lifetime. The North Node represents lessons you are learning this time around as well as the progress you’re making toward your own evolutionary process. With the Moon conjuncting the North Node, you want to be thinking about where you’re heading in your own karmic journey.

card-front-3Card 3 — Moon conjunct Mars Rx

If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Mars will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on June 17th at 25° Scorpio.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “An X Ray.” This symbol refers to the desire to look beneath the surface and to develop deep, penetrating insights into areas that others may not even be able to recognize.

As Mars is dignified in Scorpio (while the Moon is debilitated there), this aspect can reveal things that are both enlightening and disturbing. It can bring hidden information (and agendas) to light, but it can also manifest as an almost invasive compulsion to expose someone’s deepest, darkest secrets.

The Moon / Mars in Scorpio aspect is all about passion, intensity and desire. But Mars is retrograde for the entire month (until the 30th), which means that this energy can be turned inward. You want to be aware of the potential for it to turn your frustrations against you. In that respect, it can manifest as aggression, impatience and irritability.

This may be an eye-opening month for you, revealing things to you that had been hidden in the past. It’s going to be a time of clearing up the confusion and bringing awareness to areas that had been shrouded in mystery before. Be prepared to learn things during this time that may be shocking or electrifying, But like the little fish lit up in this bowl, it can shine a light on problems that need to fixed and then show you what needs to be done to fix them.

card-front-4Card 4 — Moon conjunct Saturn Rx

If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct the Mars will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on June 19th at 12° Sagittarius.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is “A Flag that Turns into an Eagle That Crows.” This symbol speaks of a profound metamorphosis which sees you not only coming alive but also declaring victory. It speaks of overcoming incredible odds to rise up and proclaim triumph.

It can refer to taking on a position of power or leadership. The question is whether you’re up for it? Are you ready to take flight and show the rest of the world what you’re made of? You have to have something to crow about; otherwise you’re just making noise.

There’s a sense of timeless here with the Saturn conjunction. But because we’re talking about Saturn — the lord of Karma and Time —  you can’t expect it to happen without dedication and perseverance.

Saturn is retrograde all month. This reinforces the aspects of looking to the past that are prominent in this card. But it’s not about reverting to past behaviors.

The Moon / Saturn conjunction understands that life really is a journey and that while you may not be able to leave your past behind entirely, you can build on it and turn it into something you can take pride in. This aspect reminds you that every moment represents progress and brings you one step closer to victory.



Card 5 — Moon conjunct Pluto Rx

If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Pluto will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on June 22nd at 17° Capricorn Rx.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A Girl Surreptitiously Bathing In The Nude.” This symbol speaks of exploring your emotions on your own, away from the prying eyes of others. It speaks of tiptoeing into the depths of your psyche, cautiously and gradually.

This image fits the Pluto in Capricorn archetype so well, especially as Pluto is currently retrograde and will be for the entire month of June.

As Capricorn is linked with both caution and timidity, and Pluto is linked with deep, penetrating insights, this symbol reminds you that some issues need to be tackled on your own, and that facing your deepest fears can be incredibly empowering in the end.

The Pluto / Moon aspect (and the deep waters of emotion) can be incredibly cathartic. But it’s not for the faint of heart. It requires you to dig deep and bring forth what is within you in order to heal.

This month you want to work on facing your fears and exploring the most sacred realms of your unconscious emotions and yearnings. This aspect represents a period of transformation and liberation. It’s a time of undergoing great personal change — physically, emotionally and spiritually.


card-6Card 6 — Moon conjunct Neptune Rx

If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Neptune will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on June 26th at 13° Pisces.

While Neptune is direct at the beginning of the month, it turns retrograde (on June 13th) and is retrograde by the time this aspect comes to light. The Sabian symbol for this degree is “A Sword in a Museum.” It refers to putting certain battles to rest without necessarily conceding defeat.

There is honor and chivalry associated with this card. And in the image chosen to represent it you can see that it’s one of the most revered swords in our time. This is the sword of William Wallace, the famed Scottish Knight who wielded it against the English army at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

As Moon and Neptune in Pisces are unquestionably peaceful energies, this symbol emphasizes the need to lay down your sword and let go of whatever anger, vengeance and revenge you might be holding onto.

But this doesn’t mean a battle wasn’t necessary in the first place. Or that its outcome isn’t something to you can be proud of. Placing the swords in a museum suggests the need to remind yourself of what’s been accomplished as well as your own part in making that happen.



Card 7 — Moon conjunct Chiron Rx

If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Uranus will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on June 26th at 26° Pisces. This is also the degree that Chiron turns retrograde.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is “A New Moon That Divides Its Influences.” This symbol refers to a turning point — between past and present and old and new. You may be letting go of an old lifestyle and embracing a brand new one during this cycle, especially as Chiron is turning retrograde.

This might be a change in career, a change in your social circles — such as making new friends (and letting go of those who are no longer aligned with your ever-changing world view). It’s all about making room in your life for change, which means letting go of what is no longer serving you.

The Moon / Chiron conjunction invites you to develop an awareness of how you can serve others — through seeing their problems mirrored in your own life — is an important part of this aspect.

There’s a desire to nurture and protect those who are less fortunate, and to tap into your own bottomless pool of empathy to bring healing and solace to those who need it. This is a time of emotional purity and sensitivity. It’s a time for shrugging off your cynicism and renewing your appreciation for innocence, simplicity and most importantly love.

card-8Card 8 — Moon conjunct Uranus

If you picked this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Uranus will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on June 29th at 25° Aries.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: “A Double Promise Reveals Its Inner And Outer Meanings.” It speaks of getting mixed messages or receiving information that doesn’t ring true on the surface. You may question whether you’re getting the full story or if you can even trust what you see with your own eyes (or hear with your own ears).

With respect to the Uranus conjunction, it speaks of flashes of insight and awareness that can reveal the truth to you in unexpected ways. preparing yourself for change. These are not just changes that come at you from the outside but also those that are rising up from within, ready to emerge.

This is a time for creating and embracing change in your life. Shaking things up and breaking apart anything that is stagnant or has become crystallized. Being ready to grab hold of those flashes of insight that can strike at a moment’s notice and using them to propel you forward.

You may have to scratch beneath the surface in order to convince yourself that what you are being told is true. This doesn’t mean you need to doubt everything you see or hear; only that you don’t want to take things entirely at face value. This aspect is about investigating the truth behind mixed messages and promises and arriving at an informed decision.


card-9Card 9 — Moon conjunct Mercury

If you choose this card, the energy of the Moon conjunct Mercury will resonate with you during this lunar cycle. This aspect occurs on July 4th at 9° Cancer.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A Large Diamond Not Completely Cut.” It speaks of seeing past the flaws in a situation to reveal the beauty within. This can relate to your own sense of value — as in seeing yourself as a diamond in the rough or a work in progress. Or it could serve as a reminder of how important it is to look past the surface in your assessment of others.

The Moon and Mercury in Cancer is an inordinately sensitive archetype. It is capable of seeing all of the many facets of an object (or a person, or situation) with just a cursory glance. Still you may need to be reminded this month to focus on the value in things, rather than the flaws.

With respect to the Mercury conjunction, this aspect refers to gaining new insights and communicating your feelings (the Moon) to those who are important to you.

You want to pay attention to those messages, especially as new insights are likely to come to you during this time. The Moon is dignified in the sign of Cancer. And this aspect occurs just prior to the next New Moon. So it adds elements of purity and newness — the ability to see things in their natural state or to see them in a brand new light.






about_sabian-oracleAre you interested in learning more about the Sabian Symbols? I highly recommend Lynda Hill’s website Sabian Symbols, as well as her book on the subject: The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom.

This book is phenomenal and represents a vast amount of research as well as Lynda’s unique take on each of the symbols. Lynda is a professional astrologer with over 30-years experience and a global clientele.

The Sabian Symbols were developed in 1925 when a clairvoyant medium (Elsie Wheeler) and an astrologer (Marc Edmund Jones) received messages from the world of spirit for every degree of the zodiac.

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