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we_dont_die_cvrWe Don’t Die

If you love the movies and you wish to increase your personal spiritual awakening. I highly recommend a subscription to It is the premier streaming station for people seeking enlightenment, a higher consciousness and good health.

Last week, I sat down to watch something uplifting and stumbled upon this little gem of a movie, based on the book “We Don’t Die,” by Sandra Champlain. It’s not only about Sandra’s skeptical journey into the spiritual, but with actual exercises that prove there is life after death. She demonstrated how our souls simply go into another dimension of existence.

Sandra speaks about her 15-year journey into the unknown and shows us her EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experience along with methods of dowsing to prove there is life after death. And that our energies continue onward.

The EVP explanation was quite outstanding as she was able to share the “voices” she picked up from the other side. These special ways of communicating with those who have died brings comfort to the soul and an even stronger belief in life after death.

She was especially skeptical of psychics and how they get their information. Trained readers seem to be able to tap into this energy field for answers to questions but also to gain answers from people who have died and crossed over. She doesn’t go into the “psychic” experience so much, but gives you practical look at how YOU can actually learn about this energy yourself! Featuring Sandra Champlain.


Some of the greatest spiritual philosophers of our time discuss the nature of God and religion. Who or what is God? Is he everything in the universe? Is he/She consciousness magnified? Is there a new spirituality evolving out of ancient beliefs?

People have been asking questions about God since the dawn of humankind and humanity’s disagreements about the nature of God have often led to ethnic and religious warfare, the suppression of women, and the debasing of human dignity.

Many religions have created rituals and dogmas that separate one from the other and cling to the belief that only they have the “one truth.” But are any of them actually right? Can the true essence of God ever truly be understood or explained?

iGod traces how the various belief systems about God have evolved into what exists in the present day, and then delves into the many questions about God that so many people have asked throughout history. Perhaps through this exploration we can finally begin to understand what God really is, what God wants, why we are here and how we can create a better world both for ourselves and future generations.

Featuring: Gregg BradenDeepak Chopra, Alan Cohen, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Lerner, Neale Donald WalschMarianne WilliamsonJames Van Praagh, Amit Goswami


thriveThrive: What on Earth Will it Take?

I cannot say enough about this movie. A total eye-opener in every sense of the word! Foster Gamble, heir of Proctor and Gamble fortune produced a film gem that will leave you totally awakened to what is going on in our world. If you wish to learn what is really behind politics and how we are slaves to this society, this film will open your eyes for good.

This is a groundbreaking documentary that helps explain why the Occupy and New Energy movements are vital to our future.

(Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is the name given to a protest movement that began on September 17, 2011, in Zuccotti Park. Located in New York City’s Wall Street financial district. It received global attention and spawning the Occupy movement against social and economic inequality worldwide.)

(New Energy Movement. Works to promote the rapid widespread deployment of clean, and sustainable energy sources across our planet).

Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, this film exhorts us to follow the money. To discover which corporations and elite  families who financially benefit with our current economic system. Foster Gamble, made this mind-expanding film with his wife, Kimberly Carter Gamble. Hoping to help people see what’s really going on with our economy. Offering solutions for bringing about positive change.

Instructor/Host: Foster and Kimberly Gamble. Featuring: Deepak Chopra, R. Buckminster Fuller, Alan Greenspan, Barbara Marx HubbardJohn Perkins



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