Earth Angels

“I feel like I don’t fit in. I always felt that I was a social outcast. When I was in grade school, the other children always told me I was weird…”

“I feel lonely because most of my friendships are one-sided, where I never get to discuss my own troubles. Most often I know what people are about to say, and people get irritated with me because I finish their sentences”.

These are some of the statements often heard from people whose reincarnated spirits have an origin, either in their last life’s or more often from other planes of existence, such as the angelic, elemental (nature’s angels) or interplanetary realms, etc.

Usually — but not always — working as lightworkers or healers, these individuals tend to feel more sensitive, isolated or sort of different in their environment and called to help others or simply be particularly helpful and extra kind to others. They not always know or start their paths or career in the spiritual field. At times some are working within the service branch in jobs such as nurses, teachers or counselors, unknowingly of their origins, path and inner motivations.

Reports of incarnated angels date back at least to the time of the Apostle Paul, who wrote to the Hebrews: “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing, some have unwittingly entertained angels” (Doreen Virtue.)

Under the denomination of “Earth Angels” there are different types, based on their origins, although they are all catalogued or called the same way. Some of these groups are: the incarnated angels, themselves, the star seeds, the wise ones, the souls from the elemental’s kingdom or commonly knows as well as nature’s angels, such as fairies and mermaids, yes fairies! These last ones might be harder to accept for most of us, due to fear linked with social conditioning and education received. However, I remember still hearing from the mouths of very young children, which had not been educated on the matter in any way, statements such as: “Fairies are the angels of nature, nature’s protective spirits”.

Even when you have not had a direct experience with them, as most of ones haven’t, and differently to some fine-tuned mediums which were chosen to connect to them at one point of their lives, you can’t but wonder thinking of the popular refrain that goes…”when the river sounds, it carries water”. It always reminds me at the difference between legend, myth and history, which are intertwined together and not always with a clear line to separate them.

Which are some of the characteristics that help identify some of the people whose soul origins are among these groups?
Earth angels SOMETIMES:

• Have sweet faces, angelic looks that radiate innocence and love. They do seem to glow with their own light and often they lighten their hair or put highlights. Often people with describe them as having a certain light from within, or something that shines.
• Have longer relationships than the average person. Tend to fall in love with the person’s soul and are feel driven to inspire them and coach them to GREATNESS. They are not only faithful lovers, but loyal friends.
• They usually have difficulty saying no, which turns into part of their own life lessons. Some encounter health challenges such as chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia as a conclusion of imbalance in the giving and the receiving.
• They are professional helpers, such as nurses, counselors, instructors and teachers.
• They tend to look younger than their chronological age and often, especially in the case of the Starseed, the females feel more comfortable and match better taking younger partners and spouses, forming very fulfilling and happy relationships.
• They need to live near big bodies of water in order to find their balance and keep away from depression. Starseeds feel being near the ocean is actually A MUST.
• Wise ones are very interested in history and the study of ancient eras, especially the ones that are regarded as mythical, such as anything related to Arthurian times. They may dress eccentrically or romantically and many are history buffs.
• Their eyes tend to be either big, beautiful, with an inner light, or almond shape and reflect a deep truth and wisdom that say more than words can tell.

These are but a few pointers, but there are more and divisions within the ones that you might feel identified with or not. You could also fit into more than one category simultaneously, if you are an “Evolving soul” or a “Dabbler”.

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This is Pat, Angel’s messenger and I lovingly bless you!




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