Crystal Therapy: Top 5 Heart Healing Crystals

In this blog I will be discussing five stones that have energetic properties that have been known to aid in healing and strengthening our emotional well being. To understand how crystals work I first want to discuss resonate energy. Resonate energy is the vibrational quality of the things around us. Everything carries an energy signature, and the reason crystals are quite popular as metaphysical practices is because the resonate energy of crystals is often a higher frequency than other tools and objects. This is due to their unique matrices and minerals within each crystal.

The Chakra System & Heart Healing Crystals


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Before I delve right into my top five heart healing crystals I would like to discuss the heart chakra a bit. The heart chakra is the energy body that balances out the rest of our energy body the upper three chakras and the lower three chakras. When we have an imbalance in our heart center one of two things occur. First we find ourselves overly emotional and it can be difficult to think things through. The second thing that can happen is we become overly logical, and lack a sense of emotional connection and empathy related to our situations.

Let’s discuss these trends in a bit more detail. When we become overly emotional and it is difficult to think things through, our energy becomes stuck in the lower three chakras and does not flow freely through the heart chakra. The lower three chakras govern our ability to be grounded, our intimate relationships and our personal power. When all of our energy is in these three chakras we feel off balance and emotionally unstable, and as though we lack will power or personal power. If the energy is unable to be released, we do not have access to the upper three chakras. We cannot communicate effectively, we don’t think things through, and we often feel as though the world is against us.

If our energy is stuck in the upper three chakras we rely too much on reason which is the main function of the Third Eye Chakra. Also, In this case we will communicate effectively as long as that communication is not vulnerable, because the throat chakra has too much energy built up. We can often manifest what we THINK we want, but leave a trail of wounded people in our wake; becoming over achievers because there is too much energy in the crown chakra.

Below is a list of my top five heart healing crystals. These are by no means the only crystals that bring about balance to our emotional being, and it is important to understand that other practitioners could possibly develop a different list than I have. However, in my personal life and practice these are the crystals that I use to bring about heart healing.

RoseQuartzRose Quartz as a Heart Healing Crystal

Rose quartz is a pink colored stone and is known as the “love” stone. Its’ subtle energy moves us into a state of love. This is especially important when healing heart issues, because one of the biggest challenges to healing the heart is the inability of the wounded person to love themselves. When we love ourselves healing naturally occurs. I recommend carrying a piece of rose quartz with you, or finding a nice piece of jewelry with a rose quartz setting.

 Seraphinite as a Heart Healing Crystal

Seraphinite is a beautiful green crystal. The matrix structure is banded with many different varieties of Seraphinitegreen, white, and silver colors. Green crystals are powerful in heart healing, because the heart chakra is represented by the color green. Seraphinite is also associated with angelic energy. Angels are the divine messengers of love, and their energy naturally promotes healing. This crystal is also associated with the feminine attributes of God and are good for healing emotional issues related to parents. The best way to use this crystal is in a ritual setting such as meditation, because it works best with focused intention.

 Green Tourmaline as a Heart Healing Crystal

GreenTourmalineThis one is another great one due to its’ green color being connected to the heart chakra. In folk healing this stone has been known to bring healing both to the physical heart as well as the emotional body. This crystal is often used for prosperity, and many times our heart imbalance can be associated with our feelings of lack or fears of lack. This is a great one to heal those types of emotions. I recommend wearing this crystal. It is especially useful if you find it set in a pendant and you can wear it around your neck closer to your heart.

 Adventurine as a Heart Healing Crystal

Okay, so another green crystal. It is possible that mentioning how wonderful green crystals are for the heartAdventurine chakra may be becoming redundant, but again this is one of the primary reasons this crystal brings heart healing. This crystal holds a lot of earth energy. It is very useful for individuals that feel like their emotions are shaky due to its grounding quality. This is also a great crystal for highly sensitive individuals. In folk traditions it is often used for sensitivities to toxicity within environments. Since this crystal grounds the individual using it, it is a wonderful stone to use if your heart imbalances cause anger issues. If you find that you have a short fuse I recommend carrying a piece of adventurine around in your pocket.

 Bloodstone as a Heart Healing Crystal

BloodstoneThis is a red and green crystal, and in some healing traditions individuals believed that the red within the blood stone represented the blood of Christ and the healing of Christ. This crystal has very high vibrations, and is especially good for individuals that lack hope for the future, or feel sad often. This is also a great crystal for individuals that feel confused about life, because like the adventurine it has a very grounding quality. I highly recommend using this crystal along side of Rose Quartz, because this is a very uplifting crystal, and it works well with the rose quartz energy. It works well when worn, but I have found that I prefer using it more in intentional like meditation and reiki sessions.

When it comes to using crystals I always recommend that individuals find crystals that resonate with them. Not every crystal is going to respond the same way for every individual, which is why it is important to follow your instincts when developing a collection of crystals. Pick them up, and see if they feel right in your hand. If it is a piece of jewelry, try it on before you buy it. If you are purchasing it online, visualize yourself wearing the piece. This will increase both the effectiveness of the metaphysical properties as well as the overall enjoyment of using crystals as a part of your evolutionary growth.


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