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9 comments on “Contact Us

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    Under the “10 of Pentacles”, Aug. 24, 2015, card of the day, written by Yvonne:

    In the “Love” section:

    What is a ” USP”?

    “Not in a relationship, well not to worry, it can mean a stable relationship is on the horizon for you. Of course, unless you’re hoping for a relationship with (the USP man,”)

    Do you mean UPS?

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    hello dear, my sister,s date of birtrh 14 june,1974 10.15 am ludhiana-141001 india. she is still unmarried. will you please tell us the reason behind delay in marriage and projected date of marriage at my email.

    1. Genuine Guidance
      Genuine Guidance

      Hi Sanjeev;
      I would be happy to take a look at your sister’s chart in regards to marriage. The cost for a 7th house analysis is $99 and you can order this type of reading via my page under, “Analyze One House Cusp”. Thanks!

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    Thank you my dear friend, I haven’t been ok for sometime now,But its good to know that Our thoughts crossed several times but I didn’t know where or how to get a hold of you no more I’m in an urgent situation would love to be in contact with you as soon as possible please to this email my yahoo isn’t working won’t allow me to see my mail it won’t even open up,lots of Blessings always lots of blessings your old friend Deloris

    1. Melodie

      Hi Deloris — If you want to submit your question to for the column you can email us and be sure to include your first names and birthdates. If your question is selected your names will be changed. All the best.

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      Melodie I’m trying to send the message to you but it keeps saying failed to send your message please contact me to my email,Delorisflores714 its your old friend Deloris my yahoo has frozen won’t let me see any of my messages, so had to get a new email will wait for your email thanks God bless you and your family always your friend Deloris

      1. Melodie

        OMG I have thought of you so many times… Bless your heart… I’ll email you first chance I get today! Love seeing you again!

        1. Avatar

          Yes my friend like wise, its good to see you again as I only come to you and I’ve had a hard time to get in touch with you but our thoughts were able to cross again plz I need your urgent need as everything you’ve ever told me always happened like you told me it would hope to hear from you soon, my friend” Deloris 2-16-60, Ruben 12-13-79 the woman who came between our 15 year Relationship Sharon 7-23-74

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