Choosing Life Over Fear

Follow the Path of the Buddha

Did you ever heard the saying…”Nothing to fear, but fear itself!”?

It should be a statement taught to memorize in 1st grade to ensure we do not miss that train…that at times seemingly elusive train named happiness (not same as the streetcar named desire…:).

Contrary to what the title might have sounded like, this is not a religious article.

I could not care less if you are spiritual, non religious or which religion you believe in, but I will tell you that what I have learnt that to try living a fear-freer life is something that all religions try to teach us aided by different stories or examples.

Have you heard the story of Buddha on a journey to prove that he would find his way free of care, being taken care off by God, as long as he would be living his life according to spirit? Or perhaps you have heard this bible quote, which I won’t quote literally, that talks about how God takes cares of the birds, so he will take care of us, as long as we take care of our spiritual health or soul? I had, but never really knew how to make it happen or the full significance of the tale, until I had experienced it myself, due to a set of circumstances at the time.

Circumstances which left me to choose between the following 2 choices. Either I gave up, throw the towel and give in to loss, sadness and desperation, or I trust spirit and go on with my plans and so my life according to a vision of my dream. Which one was going to be? Well, I can say, I have never been a quitter and given the chance, I saw it clearly in front of me, I had to have faith and believe! Believe in my dreams, my future happiness in the following years and in the endeavor I was about to embark myself in….It was however not as simple as that, thank God…I had some help along the way…. 🙂

Helped by the universe, the angels, heaven knows! I am not sure what it was that day that I saw floating right above me, but I know for sure that it had to be something heavenly sent, because it helped me to listen to my intuition, way beyond common sense and “”logical” advice (which turned out to be more negative than logical) from my peers the tiny little specs of light I faintly perceived above me from the bed of my hotel room that night, looking back was surely the protective and guiding answer to my prayers helping me achieve what in brief I came to achieve and couldn’t have been able to unless inspired by a superior forced that went way besides the negative conventionality that was surrounding me at the time.

However a secondary and ulterior motive for this to have taken place in my life was and has been a much more important and meaningful lesson. What I learnt through this was how to trust a new way of living, fear-free from then on, which is not a simple or trivial factor whatsoever, but the foundation or secret to live a finally meaningful and powerful life, where true love and the meaning of happiness has finally a place to grow, without the all so predictable and cruel sabotage of a fear-based life. Such a fear based life as the one moderns day society inclines us to live remains pestered by conditioned choices or lack of positive life changes, opportunity and the determination required to follow our inner child’s dreams and desires, our true self choices and feelings.

At the bottom of those trains that we might have missed or chances we have left behind, and contrary what we might have thought, it is fear what it lays, not avoiding to settle, waiting for something better, easier, or even those plans for a perfect future, but simply FEAR. It might be fear of failure, of disappointment, of feeling pain and ultimately fear of happiness, yes happiness, for it might be scary to attain the peak of our hopes and dreams, as a destination or reason for living. What would we have to aim for afterwards? Probably you have all heard yourself and others having such considerations such as…”things are going very well lately, too well, I wonder when my luck is going to change” or….”The higher the ascension, the bigger the fall….” Fear, fears and more fear, driving the neuronal process behind that thinking.

However, the conscious fears we can be aware off, are the least harmful ones. The ones we need to watch for are those that we are not conscious of, the ones whose origins are the literal and powerful engravings in our unconscious mind. So called erroneous thinking, unconscious beliefs and the like, can be originated from something as innocent and unintended as a parallel memory evoked by a stressful situation, a sentence we heard repetitively or in a key traumatic episode as children or a myriad of situations that contained a literal message trapped by our mind at a particular timing and later calling the shots in our life in an unfortunate and untimely manner.

The situation could be compared with a remote control with a button pressed down permanently. What was good at a time, it is not good anymore and now needs to be deprogrammed, and that is the good news, that actually your brain can be REPROGRAMMED, once we find the erroneous thoughts and lies that are pestering our unconscious thinking and so our lives. The challenging part is to find them, and for that a good psychic channel, whose specialty is spiritual life coaching, such as myself, can be very good at helping with.

Well, surprising or not, most of our lives are exactly that, a sad failure to recognize who we are and what we truly want and wish, due to the tyranny of our fears. Fears developed through the years from false beliefs in our political and educational system, religions, political lies, the errors of our well intended educators and relatives and so on…Funny how we spend half of our lives being taught how to develop and live up to those fears, and condemned to spend the other half finding out that: only once we have learnt to let go of those fears, our life can truly begin, when we allow ourselves to truly LIVE!

If you need support in making fear-free choices and live up to your full potential and to realize your dreams to your heart content, come for a consultation with me on whatever is that you have been wiling to open your wings and fly towards, for such a long time…At my virtual office fears are allowed but LIFE IS encouraged! Have a blessed day!


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